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 Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)

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Pascale d'Artagne
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RP Fanatic
Pascale d'Artagne

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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) Empty
PostSubject: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 21, 2012 4:51 pm

1. Third person, non-omniscient perspective. Please follow yourself through the story, not someone else.
2. Any names of present band members may be used. Please do not make up any, or use past band members, as awesome as that would be. You may mention them in conversation though.
3. It does not have to be realistic in all aspects. It is perfectly alright if Isaac forges his Trombaflute of Light to battle the clarinets and their Fire Aspect IIs. However, please make it logical (not like the Adventures of Carlyle).
4. Please keep the characteristics of people the same. A little exaggeration is expected, but don't drastically alter any person. There are enough potential characters that I'm sure you can find someone to meet your needs.
5. Humor is encouraged, but don't be mean. I know it's all in fun, but still...

Another important thing: In the beginning, everything is more normal. However, as time goes on, each section/group/person becomes more stereotypical, or more extremely them. Try to start simple, but feel free to advance to weirdness of all sorts.

If you do change yourself, don't make it random. (You can't all of a sudden acquire the powers of a demigod.) All abilities must come from inside jokes/band jokes.
ex. Kayla can be a leafbender, Ellie can have a demon thumb...
If you are at a loss, have a conversation with Isaac. I'm sure something will come up within a few minutes, as to random abilities.

This is gonna be fun!

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Pascale d'Artagne
RP Fanatic
RP Fanatic
Pascale d'Artagne

Posts : 150
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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 10:26 pm

"Hey, Feeck," Jon-Jon called. "Why don't you sit in the back of bus two with us?"
"Erm, maybe," Rachel replied, hefting an earthlink duffel bag over her shoulder. She walked away from the quickly emptying bus, taking in a deep breath. Looking around, she realized Kayla and Ellie were still exiting the bus at an excruciatingly slow pace.
"How about, erm, yes," Ian stated, unconsciously walking in step alongside Jon-Jon. He nodded his head in a beckoning motion. "Come, slow down. Walk with us," he half drawled in a grandiose fashion. Rachel shrugged, changing pace to match their more leisurely step.
"We sort of need to hurry," she put in. "I want to get a good spot in the camp, not stuck with all the freshmen." Jon-Jon laughed.
"Isn't it by section?" he asked, not increasing his pace an inch.
"Yes," Rachel sighed. "So, I'm going to be stuck with a crazy Allison, Tim, Micheal, Da..."
"Dude, Dabombo!" Ian interjected, emphasizing the last syllable. Rachel smiled ruefully. Lucky guys. I wish I was in the tenor section, even if they're a little strange. Ian canted his head, easily carrying his much lighter bag in his left hand.
"Hey, you should be excited," he began, more upbeat. "We won sweeps yesterday! Be happy, we won!"
Rachel shrugged and half smiled. "I guess."
A short bark of laughter escaped from Jon-Jon. "You guess. Yeah, I guess we only whooped everyone else by, I don't know, a lot."
"I think you need a hug," Ian announced. His travel jacket swished noisily as he put his arm around Rachel's shoulder for a few seconds.
"Wait, you can touch Feeck?" Jon-Jon asked. "She's a real person, not a ghost?"
"Surprisingly, yes," Rachel replied dryly. He laughed, his voice accented by the snap of a pine cone underfoot.
"Dude, is that a campfire?" Ian asked, in his slightly higher pitched playful voice. "Oh my goodness."
The trio emerged from the trees into a small clearing. Writhing flames danced in the middle of a muddle of people, garment bags, backpacks, and instrument cases.
"Do we get s'mores?" Rachel asked lazily.
Ian smiled. "Let me guess. You're just going to pull out the chocolate and everything else from your bag, aren't you."
"My secret pal gave me graham crackers, and marsmallows, but no chocolate," Rachel responed wistfully. "I don't have a skewer either, although I have a few sausages." She searched through the mass of belongings, pulling out a beat up saxophone case and a garment bag emblazoned with her trademark dragon.
"Maybe Schwarz brought chocolate," Ian suggested. "He was pretty happy, with us winning and all. Not only did we beat Kaiser, but we also totally crushed those other people."
"Yeah, cause a difference of .7 is totally crushing someone," Jon-Jon snorted, tightening the straps on his bass drum case.
"Speaking of which, where is Schwarz?" Rachel asked, glancing at her watch. "It's almost six, so it'll be dark soon."
A piercing whistle cut off whatever reply may have been forthcoming. Immediately, everyone froze, out of habit.
"Everyone, find your stuff and form the arcs," Garauv yelled. "Dress set, dress."
"Clap," came the chorused response.
Squished between Da and Eric, Rachel shivered in her red travel jacket. "Good thing I brought an extra," she muttered to herself.
Once everyone had stopped moving, Garauve began talking again. "Well, the good news is we all made it here."
"Well, what's the bad news?" Josh Ariola pointed out. Mitchell glared at him, annoyed with the interruption.
"He was about to tell us," he muttered darkly to his euphonium case.
Undettered, Garauv proceeded with his anouncements. "However, the bad news is Schwarz, Jaimy, Bryan, and Mrs. B aren't here. They, and the guard, were held up at the bottom of the mountain."
"Why?" someone asked, and the clarinets began whispering theories to each other.
"Something about a snowstorm coming, and some vandal being loose they have to catch," Garauv responded. "So, we may have to leave if they cannot come up within the next few hours."
One resounding, "Yay!" echoed over the widespread moans. A few laughed nervously.
Garauv raised his voice. "So, for now, the chaperones are in charge."
"What chaperones?" Josh asked.
"Shut up!" Mitchell said tersely.
"Wait, seriously," Sarah Hall asked. Her single pony tail swishe to and fro as she scanned the clearing. "Did they all go somewhere?"
"They left," Sam yelled, jokingly. Whispers sprung up and multiplied in the chilling breeze.
"They wouldn't leave," Garauv said.
"Then why's there a bus leaving?" Isaac asked sardonically. Everyone spun around, their travel uniforms swishing feverishly. Sure enough, the one vehicle designated for chaperones was pulling out of the parking zone, wheels squealing on the gravel.
Mrs. Simmons stuck her head out of a window. "Guys, get on the buses. We have to leave. The drivers won't wait, cause they weren't paid to. Schwarz called and said to go back home."
The rest of her message died on the gloomy road between the slightly overwhelmed chaperones and the astounded band members.
"I think Six Flags would've been better," Da mumbled. Rachel's mouth twitched in a slight smile.
A few trumpets quickly ran over to the two remaining buses, and one Honda civic. They ran back in a panic, and the three drivers departed in the Honda.
"Wait, what's going on?" Max asked, pulling his earbud out of his ear and looking around blankly.
Ian Clark, one of the runners, shouted out to everyone, "The bus drivers used up all the gas keeping the heaters running on the buses, so they left in the Honda." Silence fell on the crowd, stifling all movement.
"I guess we're stuck here," Josh commented. Mitchell's already thin temper snapped.
"Yes, we're stuck here. I'm so glad you noticed," he spat out scathingly.
"Well, I'm sorry..." Josh seemed affronted.
"Hey guys, quiet down!" Urvashi yelled. Everyone looked at her. "We can figure something out. However, night is falling (thanks for stating the obvious, Mitchell muttered, making James snicker) and we need to make camp, to have shelter for tonight. There's tents in those bags over there." She looked at Garauv imploringly, as if sending the telepathic message, can't you organize them, since you've got a louder voice?
However, the section leaders had already taken a hand in things. "Tenor saxes over here!" Frank beckoned to Coby and Greg. The flutes all exited the clearing quickly, already chatting about how they would set up their tents.
Soon, everyone had left, leaving the alto saxophones with three tents.
"Well, this works nicely. We've got the fire," Michael pointed out. He immediately sat upon the silky dirt before the flames.
"Okay," Jacob began, picking up one of the tents. "I'll need five people to help me make the tents. The rest of you..." He waved a hand. "Okay, do whatever. Just stay here."
Rachel picked up a tent. "Come on Da. Help me."
"Why?" he whined, complying all the same.
"I don't know, so maybe you can sleep in a tent and not freeze to death or get mauled by bears," Rachel responded sarcastically.
"Sheesh, okay." He pulled the tent fabric out of the bag, unfolding it into a heap on the floor. "I don't think we'll be mauled by bears though."
Rachel rolled her eyes, threading a long plastic pole into the canvas tent. "Okay, fine, you'll just be overwhelmed by bugs, like mosquitos."
Da stood there, watching Jenny and Delphine read the directions on how to erect another tent. After threading all the poles, Rachel knelt and rummaged through the tent bag. "Hey, how about you put the stakes in the ground."
Da waved his arms in that general direction, frowning eloquently. "How about you hand them to me?" Rachel stood, placing two in his hands. "Thanks."
"You're welcome," she replied dryly, pounding the two stakes in with her foot. "This is soft ground."
"Okay," he responed, in a why-does-that-matter voice. Rachel picked up her sax, garment bag, and duffel, dumping them all at the side of the tent. Da was about to do the same, but Jacob called, "Okay saxes, circle up."
All twelve members of the alto sax section formed a lopsided ring around Jacob. Brushing his hair out of his eyes, he counted the people surrounding him. "Okay, we're all here. Now, there's three tents. The one Jenny and Delphine set up fits three, the one over there," he pointed behind him to a much larger tent, "Tim helped me with, and it fits six. Then, Da and Rachel built one, and it fits another three. So, pick your tent, and just stay inside until tomorrow morning. Don't go anywhere."
"What if I've gotta go to the bathroom?" Da asked. Michael sniggered and said something to Tim and Allison.
"Just go find a tree," Jenny said, very matter of fact. Da gave a thumbs up.
"Okay, so see you all tomorrow morning," Jacob dismissed them. Quickly, Rachel walked over to her tent, pulling all of her stuff inside.
"Geez Rachel, couldn't you leave some of it out, so you know, there'd be more space?" Da asked, also dragging in all of his belongings. Rachel rolled her eyes.
"Do you want to eat?" she asked.
Da's eyes grew wide. "What? You have food?" She nodded solemnly.
Da stretched out his hands. "Gimme!"
"I think we should wait to see who else is in our tent," Rachel pointed out, pulling blankets from her garment bag.
"Nah," Da contradicted.
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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2012 11:18 pm

Just perfect... Kayla thought to herself as her section walked away from the fire. We're stuck here with a bunch of bandly band nerds, with nothing to eat. Or, at least, I have nothing to eat, cuz I ate it all on the band bus.

"Okay guys!" Carlyle said, smiling nervously. "Since we're all- yes, Max?"

"I still have no idea what's going on." The freshman said derpily.

"We're all stuck in the wilderness with Schwarz, Mrs. B and the guard at the bottom of the mountain." Carlyle replied, his patience waning.

"Thank God for that." Isaac muttered to laughter.

Anyway,” Carlyle said forcefully, trying to back on track, “we need to set up these tents.”

Well, Kayla thought, at least most of the section, at one time or another, was in boy scouts. I mean, I know how to set up a tent and everything, but with everyone else knowing how to also, I can just sit back and relax.

Soon, the tents were up.

“Okay, we have two tents, one for six people, and one for three.” Carlyle said.

Mitchell, Garrett, Ian, and James immediately headed over to the larger tent.

“Come on, Maxie-poo, you're coming with me.” Isaac said seductively, and grabbed Max's jacket collar and dragged him backwards into the tent.

“Sooo, I guess we're tent partners.” Carlyle said, attempting to break the awkward silence.

Kayla and Ellie looked at each other apprehensively.

“I need to go get changed.” Kayla said, “Stay here.” she added unnecessarily.

Kayla got into the rustling nylon tent and quickly changed into her Spongebob pajamas. Just after she had finished pulling on her sponge-infested sweatpants, something crashed against the tent.

Screaming, Kayla unzipped the tent, bolted out the opening, and promptly fell flat on her face. She looked up at the sound of laughter.

Corey sat on the ground a few feet away, laughing until tears ran down his face. Then again, most of her section was laughing. Ellie was the only one really concerned, since she regularly had the living daylights scared out of her, too.

“Corey!” Kayla yelled, stalking toward the half tenor sax, half trombone. Upon reaching him, she hefted a kick at his side. The grinning junior stopped laughing long enough to grab her foot before it touched him. Not expecting this turn of events, she quickly toppled over.

“Argh! My knee!” She screamed upon hitting the ground. Cory quickly let go of her foot and she hunched over it, groaning in pain. Of course, Isaac thought this was even more funny than before, but not all of the section thought so. Carlyle and Ellie were nearest and came rushing over, Max and James voiced their concerns, and even Ian said, “Oooh, are you okay?” (in that Ian way of his, where the 'a' is all long).

“Yeah, I'm okay. Ellie, could you get knee brace? It's in my bag.” Kayla said gruffly. Ellie retrieved the said knee brace, and Kayla strapped it on before standing up.

Quite soon, however, attention was diverted away from Kayla. The entirety of Tent 2, Isaac's tent, was walking away.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Carlyle called after them.

“We're going to go scare the flutes!” Mitchell called back.

Of course, Carlyle knew he really had no control of them by this point, so he just muttered to himself and stared worriedly after them. This was about the moment Kayla began to stump off.

“Hey! Kayla!” Carlyle yelled desperately. “Where are you going?”

“To Rachel's.” Kayla growled, her patience straining.

She hobbled off into the darkness, leaving Carlyle, Ellie, and two empty tents behind.
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Pascale d'Artagne
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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 26, 2012 12:05 am

"No Allison, I will not give you the Mountain Dew right now," Rachel sighed, holding a frenzied Allison at arms length as the crazy girl tried in vain to grab the bright green bottle. Da, munching on some salt and pepper flavoured Kettle Chips, smirked in the corner.
"Oh, come on," Allison pleaded, sitting on her knees and adopting a puppy face.
Rachel was adamant. "No. You need to sleep, so you'll be ready for tomorrow. You can have some then."
An eloquent frown dragged down her face. "Ugh. Okay. You guys are no fun," she complained, pouting on her sleeping bag next to the left wall of the stuffy tent. Waving her hands, she asked, "Can't you open the door? It's hot in here."
"B-but there's bears out there," Da mimicked, smirking at Rachel, who rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, really," he replied sarcastically.
"What?!" Allison screeched, eyes shooting wide open, despite being caffeine deprived. In a flash, the pink, fluffy pajama clad freshman clung to Rachel's arm. "There's bears?! What if they come attack us."
As Da laughed, Rachel shot a glare at him, also attempting to loosen Allison's strangle hold on her arm. "It's okay, there aren't any bears out there."
"Then how come you said so earlier?" Da teased unhelpfully.
"I was joking!" Rachel half shouted, easily loosing patience. This weakness just served to amuse Da more. Turning to Allison, Rachel guided her back to her sleeping bag. "Look, there aren't any bears that would come here. We don't have any trash outside, there's a fire going, we're making noise, we don't have the baby bear, and we aren't eating meat. There's no reason for one to come here."
"But what if the other saxophones are doing one of those things?" Allison returned, eyes bugging out. Rachel resisted the urge to smile, laying back on her blankets.
"It's alright. If a bear attacks, I'll give you all my Mountain Dew, and my Starbursts."
Allison's voice came back perkily. "And the Golfish?"
"NO!" she answered sharply. Da continued to munch noisily. "Not the Goldfish."
"Aww..." she whined. "I bet you would give J-"
"Shut up!"
"Why? You just don't want me to say-"
Rachel glared at her. You don't just say these things out loud, especially in front of Da! she wanted to scream. However, Da was right there, and she couldn't do so.
Thankfully, the bear chose that moment to attack. "EEEK!" Allison screamed as the tent caved in on her, a low moaning accompanied by loud thuds coming from the other side of the canvas membrane. "ACK! It's a bear!"
"Dude, that's not a bear," Da pointed out, barely containing his laughter.
The lump got off the tent, and came in through the front flap. "Hello," Kayla wheezed, sitting heavily on one leg. "I popped my knee out, so I decided to come over here." She squinted. "Can I have some food?"
Wordlessly, Rachel handed her some Cheez-its. "Gasp! Cheez-its!" Kayla stated before gobbling them down. Allison stared speechlessly.
"You're not going to say sorry?" she managed to get out, the squeak originating in the upper register.
"Oh, sorry," Kayla mumbled through cheese crumbs. Head canted, she queried, "For what?"
"For scaring me!"
"Oh, sorry. What'd you think I was?"
"A bear," Allison muttered, turning pink, to match her pajamas.
"Hah hah ha-aw!" Kayla hiccup laughed, almost knocking over the lamp and Da's chips.
"Dude, careful," Da said, scooping up the chips protectively. "I need these to last til tomorrow."
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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2012 10:23 pm

Ugh, I can't believe Spaz-Sax girl thought I was a bear... Kayla thought to herself, I mean, do I even act like a bear? No! All I did was sort of fall on her... While wrestling with her feelings of guilt, Kayla quietly ate her Cheez-its in a dainty, ladylike manner. Murp... Why did Rachel have to be stuck in a tent with these weirdos?
I mean, Da is sooort of okay, but really? Spaz-Sax girl? And Rachel was giving her candy! I've seen the girl when she's on candy, It's live giving a squirrel injected energy. But... If she eats so much she gets a heart attack and dies of freakish spaz energy...

"Hey, Allison, want some Sweet Tarts...?"

Darn, it didn't work... Kayla thought to herself about five minutes later. All it seems to have done is make her freak out even more... I did not foresee that eventuality.

Kayla pouted slightly in the corner, while Rachel and Da started talking about Msgic Cards.

"What's MAgic Cards?" Allison (also known as Spaz-Sax girl in some circles) asked.

"Dude, what?!" Da promptly started going over the card game in fine detail, describing which color deck was the best against certain types of attacks, and all those shenanigans.

Kayla scooted over next to Rachel, "Nice tent-mates ya got here, Rachel." She whispered to her.

Rachel sort of half-laughed. "Yeah I know. Who do you have?"

"Ellie and Carlyle."

"Ehw, how awkward..."

"I know..."

Suddenly, the sounds of high-pitch screams filled the air.

"Gah! What is it?! Is it a bear? Ohmigosh, Rachel help me!" The young girl shouted in a spout of words, clinging to Rachel's side.

Kayla let out a slightly ungainly snort. "Sounds like the work of the Firsts and company to me." She said wisely as more shouting was heard.

Rachel looked inquisitively at Kayla, asking a question silently.

"Mitchell, Gare-bear, and Isaac. They said they would try to scare the flutes."

"Oh." Rachel somehow managed to pry off the freshman from her arm. "I hope they don't come by here."
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Pascale d'Artagne
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RP Fanatic
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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2012 11:20 pm

Crickets chirped as Rachel cocked her head slightly, listening to hear if any footsteps approached. After a second, she let out a sigh, laying back on her pillow in the crowded tent.
"Well, I can't hear them coming. They aren't ninjas, so I think it's safe to say the tenor section is not coming this way."
Allison sat up abruptly. "We can go to other tents?"
Kayla rolled her eyes and replied jokingly, "Well, I'm here." Without losing a minute, Allison dashed out of the tent, tripping on the bottom of the flap. Undettered, she continued out into the darkness. Pulling out his i-pod touch, Da stuck his headphones in.
"Well, since we can leave, I'm out of here." Rachel hesitated as he too disembarked from the tent.
"Technically, we're not supposed to..." she began, but he cut her off.
"Psh...I'm going to find Kita. See you." Like Allison, he tripped on the way out, the low doorway making it tricky to step over the high bottom edge of the tent.
"Hah," Rachel snorted, quickly moving aside the lamp from his flailing feet. "Does it make a difference where you watch your etchy (SP?)?"
"Yeah," came the muffled response, followed by the crunch of leaves under Converse.
"So..." Kayla began after a moment of silence, sitting crosslegged in front of Rachel. She steepled her fingers, staring intently into Rachel's tired gaze. "How're you?" They both maintained a serious expression for ten seconds before bursting out in laughter. A few minutes passed before they got their mirth under control.
"Ahh...I'm so tired," Rachel said, yawning, laying back down on the floor.
"Yeah," Kayla responded, stretching herself across Allison and Da's blankets. "They're not coming back later, are they?'
"Nah." Silence. "Well, probably not. Allison's probably with the clarinets or drum line."
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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 22, 2012 12:14 am

Ellie emitted a soft chuckle of amusement as the sound of a shrill scream drifted from somewhere past the wall of trees that was the forest hugging the edges of the clearing. Carlyle tilted his head towards her from where he was hauling his duffel-bag to the tent. "What's so funny?" he inquired, the typical teasing lilt in his voice. Ellie let out another half-hearted laugh and replied tiredly, "Nothing too exciting. Just spaz-sax-girl being...well, spaz-sax-girl. He mumbled a short comment of understanding before unzipping the smaller tent and stepping in. Ellie stood for a moment, considering, then proceeded to pick up her suitcase, sleeping bag, and violin case. The tent rustled as she entered, causing Carlyle to momentarily glance up from arranging his sleeping bag. Ellie paused, taking in the layout. She noted with a hint of humor Carlyle's fluffy, bright yellow sleeping bag.
"Good luck sleeping in that." She quipped under her breath. Carlyle immediately turned to face her, and she braced herself for the usual sarcastic rebuke.
"Oh, what was that?" he said. Ellie instantly recognized the change in his tone of voice. Here we go... she thought, here comes the Carlyle-lying voice. This should be fun. She fixed a pleasant smile on her face as she took her turn in the verbal game. "Oh, nothing. Just commenting on your nice sleeping bag." As she expected, he tilted his head to the side and widened his eyes, his jaw just slightly lacked. A perfect picture of innocent and/or ignorance, unless you know what to look for.
"What sleeping bag?" he countered. I pointed to the bright yellow mass of cloth behind him.
"That one. With the bright yellow?" The head tilt again, and his eyes refused to follow my still-pointing finger.
"I honestly have no idea what you're talking about." His last line was perfectly delivered in his typical lying voice, complete with a little sort of half-laugh that combined with his words as he spoke them. I sighed, giving up, and he turned back to his things. A thin smile barely brushed his lips. The unspoken "game" was over, and as usual, he had won.
Ellie returned her attention to her sleeping bag and considered where to lay it out. Carlyle had spread his out on the left "wall" of the tent, so there was the middle and right side left open. It might be a little awkward if I roll mine out next to his she debated with herself. but at the same time, Kayla would be even worse off. I'd be able to sleep just fine in either place, but Kayla....I'm not sure. She became so wracked with indecision, she decided to simply ask Carlyle. "Carlyle, who would you rather have in the middle? I don't particularly care, but I'm not sure about Kayla..." he stopped what he was doing and looked at her, clearly pondering. Then, a devilish gleam entered his eye and he responded with confidence. "Kayla. She can give me head massages as I go to sleep. His voice practically dripped with a sort of sarcastically sinister amusement. It was decided. She laughed and prepared to roll out her bag on the right side of the tent. "Good plan. She'll be absolutely thrilled." She commented. He grinned, and turned away.
Ellie smoothed out the ground of the tent and expertly untied and unrolled her comfortable gray sleeping bag. She had done this many, many times before in the days of girl-scouts, and felt glad with her small, rather insignificant skill of dealing with camping paraphernalia. Soon, she had her whole system set up and ready for whenever she would turn in and go to bed: pillow in the top of the sleeping bag, suitcase at the foot of the bag, and violin case just above the head and pillow. Her job setting up done, she got up and exited the tent, wondering what to do next, as well as where Kayla had gone.
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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2012 12:28 am

"I'm going to go to sleep," Rachel announced, shoving a half-eaten box of Nilla Wafers into her backpack. Lifting it up, she placed it off to the side on top of her sax case, garment bag, and duffel. "See you in the morning."
"Awww, okay," Kayla drawled, pulling out her phone. "I'm gonna text Ellie."
Rachel chuckled. "Heh, is your phone charged?" Out of her blue sleeping bag, she pulled a black and orange dragon. "Good thing I remembered to bring Schneider."
Still rapidly texting, Kayla looked over archly at her companion. "Why, of course it is. I charged it last night."
"Just wondering," the dragon fanatic mumbled innocently.
"Yeah, sure." The sound of clicking keys filled the tent, accompanying the marvelous cricket symphony.
"How's Ellie?" Rachel queried, her voice slightly muffled by her stuffed dragon.
A strangled guffaw broke the silence. "Hah, ha-haw!" Kayla laughed.
"Ha! Carlyle has a bright yellow sleeping bag! Ha-haw!"
"Oh, is that it?" Rachel replied nonchalantly, burrowing further into her covers.
"Can Ellie come over?"
"Of course. I don't think Da or Allison is coming back anytime soon. But I need to sleep."
"Okey. Goodnight innocent lamb."
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RP Fanatic
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PostSubject: Re: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2012 1:48 am

This is a dream sequence, first person from Rachel's point of view:

Breath shuddering out in gasps, the brittle leaves of a battered fern scratched my face, as I lay in a ditch huddled from the firestorm. Gotta hurry....They're coming!....Go! With the last explosive thought, I rocketed to my feet, shooting down the trench, choking on the dirt saturated air. Nearing the end, I plunged headlong into a primitive wood panelled dugout. Scrabbling at the smooth floor, my hands worked feverishly at the latch of a buried trapdoor. Throwing it open, I jumped in, feet barely touching the ladder before hitting the stone floor.The cool, filtered air of the underground corridor oozed soothingly into my lungs. Halting at a closed door, I paused to wipe the mud from my feet. Pulling a small wooden stave from my backpack, I slammed it into the door jam, yanking the unwieldy barrier open. All but falling into the chilly chamber, I ran over to a chair on the far side of the cramped room, hard wood echoing as I sat. My eyes closed, my hands pushing my backpack onto the floor beside me, resulting in another thud.
"So, we're all here," Ian's voice began. The other three at the solid oak table shuffled various papers or cards, someone tapping obnoxiously on the table in a show of anticipation. "I, socialist dictator of the Galapagos, call this meeting to order," Ian continued. Through slitted eyes, I saw him gesture to Jon-Jon, seated on his left. Ian cleared his throat. "Are the Forces assembled?" he queried formally.
Jon-Jon replied, "Here." Ian moved his hands impatiently.
"Who's here?"
"Oh, Izzet." His blued eyes evenly panned over each of our faces.
"I don't remember my code name," Sam said from Ian's right, dancing in his seat. He looked to the person across from him.
Oh, wait...that's me...
"Azorius," I stated completely deadpan.
"Hey Feeck," Jon-Jon began, before Ian cut him off abruptly.
"Don't say that in here. We never associate outside names with this gathering."
"Why?" I asked, infusing as much innocence as possible. I already knew, but I hoped to catch...whoever it is...off guard. The room echoed with squeaks as we all shifted uneasily.
Everyone knows. Why not spit it out Ian?
"Well, cause, we can't trust everyone. Sadly, there is a traitor now in our midst."
"No, duh," Jon-Jon laughed, and Sam continued to dance. The fifth figure, previously obscured from my vision, although he sat just to my right, rose, features shrowded in shadow.
"Looks like the game's over. Been fun knowing you all. However," he paused, "this was never going to work. That's just the way it is. Farewell."
Sam continued to dance, standing up and full out shuffling, kicking up a dust cloud. Ian simply sat, stunned at the abrupt turn of events, eyes wide behind his thick glasses. The spectral figure spun around, exiting the only visible door in a whirl of smoke.
"Oh, this room's gonna blow in five seconds," his voice drifted back nonchalantly.
"What?!" Ian yelled, shocked out of his stupour. The room began to vibrate, and dirt clods fell from the ceiling. I numbly fell under the heavy table, pulled down by the quicker thinking Jon-Jon.
As we clung to each other I mumbled, "Thanks," but the words were drowned in the booming explosion of a thousand mento's dunked in Mountain Dew, and meteoric boulders rained from the ceiling, seemingly as distant as the sky.
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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)   Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie) I_icon_minitime

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Forest Feud (for Pascale, Kayla, and Ellie)
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