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 The Angels of Genovea

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PostSubject: The Angels of Genovea   Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:10 pm


Welcome to Genovea, are you an angel? Well you must be, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Fallen or current angel, we accept both. What are you? Genovea is a haven for angels of all kinds. Even if you are a Fallen, you are still welcome. This is your second chance. Maybe you'll even earn your old wings back after a while. What is Genovea? Genovea is an island in the Pacific ocean. Won't humans find it? No they will not. It is not physically there. Only angels may enter. To anyone that is not an angel, they will see just endless water in the ocean, no island will appear. They will even go straight through it if they try to get there. Here, angels have whatever they desire. Except freedom. It is forbidden to leave the island once you have come. Why? They do not want the secret of its existence to get out to other immortals, bad ones. Welcome to our tropical island paradise! Stay a while, or forever.


1. All site rules apply
2. Fades to black is required. No details please.
3. No excessibe violence, no killing other characters without permission.
4. No being 'perfect', everyone has flaws.
5. No swearing. This is a big rule. I don't want to see the f-bomb dropped everywhere.
6. Respect others. Any fighting and you will be reported.
7. No power play, or playing someone else's characters
8. No god-modding.
9. Any questions? Come to me.
10. More rules may be added if necessary.


Relationship status:
Fallen or Current angel?:

If you feel that others may need to know anything else about your character, please feel free to tell us!
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The Angels of Genovea
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