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 The damned fairytales. ((HUMAN PICTURES ONLY!))

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The damned fairytales. ((HUMAN PICTURES ONLY!)) Empty
PostSubject: The damned fairytales. ((HUMAN PICTURES ONLY!))   The damned fairytales. ((HUMAN PICTURES ONLY!)) I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2013 8:29 pm

So..I'm guessing your here because you've fallen into the book of damned fairy-tales hmm?
No need to stress. You can always die. Oh you don't want too? Well I guess your stuck here until you find your way out. You will need these tips.

Tip #1: When you see a shadow...Run. Remember, this IS a fairy-tale. Even the most impossible things are real.
Tip #2: Don't fall into the traps of the dancing rats or talking animals. They are just looking for a fresh meal.
Tip #3: Stay Alive. You want to get back to your family right? That's not gonna happen unless you stay alive.
Tip #4: Don't fall asleep. You will never..Ever..Come back.
Now that you know the four basic tips. Be wise with them.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A message from Candace: Hai guys! This is the new role-play I'm creating. It's a fairy-tale one. Or a..let's just say different kind of fairy-tale. So This role-play is run by me and the following people:
OnlyIndarkness: Jr.Mod of this role-play when I'm offline.
Kukokristy: Other Jr.Mod of this role-play.
Myself: Owner of this role-play,
So aside from that this is invite/inbox only. So if you post and I didn't invite you I will be reporting you. I have to give all credit to Renee for coming up with the idea to do invite only.
Anyway, this should be the end of this note buh-bye!
Rules ((Every role-play has them!))
#1: Don't go too far with the romance.
This IS a kids site.
#2: You may say a few curse words like curse or 'hell' but other then that don't even touch on the subject.
#3: if I didn't invite you don't post. Period. There will be a few un-invited people that may post.
#4: No god-modding. This means making perfect characters. Or controlling anyone else's characters.

Name: {First and last}

Age: {13-17}


Age: {8-28}



Bio: {Optional}

Other: {Optional}


Character list:
Myself~ Amanda Sinclair and James Andiler.~ 17 and 19.
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The damned fairytales. ((HUMAN PICTURES ONLY!))
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