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 Secrets of Pannar- an everything fantasy roleplay

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Secrets of Pannar- an everything fantasy roleplay Empty
PostSubject: Secrets of Pannar- an everything fantasy roleplay   Secrets of Pannar- an everything fantasy roleplay I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 04, 2012 3:20 pm

welcome to Pannar, a rather large island off the coast of Somewhereica. here in Pannar many strange creatures abound. the rulers of the land have divided Pannar into five provinces. the five are: the Draconic Province, where the dragons and similar creatures live, and it is a deep, deep forest full of mysteries, the Elven Province, where elf folk and similar fairies live, and it is a vast conifer forest,with trees taller than the Draconic Province's tall boughs,the Dwarven Province, where halflings and the like live,and it is a tall mountain with firm stone and caverns large enough to fill a castle, as well as terraces to farm and live aboveground, The Humanic Province is where normal, everyday humans live an honest life, and it is a vast, nurturing plain with a river, the river Skalla running through it, and the last province, the Kirakkan Province, where mysterious secrets and dark magic abound. the whole province is a canyon, where none dare go, not even the brave dragons.

here is your story:
you are lost. you have no idea how you got here, in this deep, dark canyon. you stumble from lack of water, and find yourself facedown in front of the exit to the canyon, light pouring through it. in front of you stand an Elf, a Dwarf, a Human, and a Dragon. the elf speaks, addressing you with an authoritative tone: "who are you, and why are you in the forbidden province of Kirakka?" then, the Dragon speaks. " come to my den and explain things to us." she seems more friendly than the Elf, what do you do?

here is your sign up form:
province you would LIKE to live in:

my character:
name: Beill Flaurr (pronounced Bell Flower)
race: dragon
province you would LIKE to live in: Draconic
appearance:gold dragon, slightly amber wings, intense eyes that make you feel like she is staring into your soul
personality: motherly, believes everyone gets a second chance
other:part of the Council of Elders, as the Draconic Ambassador, lives in Draconic Province as its head.

name: lifaen barzul
race: elf
gender: male
province you would LIKE to be in: Elven
appearance: cold, hard eyes and dark hair, fairly old, always has a scowl
personality: hard, but a loyal and logical ally
other: part of the Council of Elders, as the Elven ambassador, Lives in Elven province as its head.


have fuuun!!!!!! Big Smile
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Secrets of Pannar- an everything fantasy roleplay
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