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 Beauty & the stray.

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Beauty & the stray. Empty
PostSubject: Beauty & the stray.   Beauty & the stray. I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2012 6:37 pm

Beauty & the stray. 38003502_e6db7e46e8

The sun blazed down upon the blacktop, making waves off heat rise and blur the shapes of objects and things. Even though it was Autumn the sun was still just as strong, only a chilling wind was added.

Akeli lurked in the ensconce of the cooling shadows of a narrow alleyway. Only the size to fit a humans large, green garbage bin. She could see edifices in the smoky distance, looking as if it was in a cloud. Akeli stuck her head out of the alleyway corner to be meet by large crowds of populace. A slim, tall female human walked elegantly behind the group of people. She hand in one hand a colorful yet shiny bag and a sparkle dog leash in the other that was connected to a pink collar that was around a white poodles neck. Both of them had their head held up high with dignity. As if they were better then everyone The poodle is what interested her, its fur shiny and soft looking, not a single spot of dirt, garbage or debris was suspected on her fur. Akeli had to admit she was jealous of the poodle, its ribs didn't even show under her short fur or leave a trail of blood from cracked paws. Actually the dogs paws were covered with these pink shoes. "Shoes? I thought only humans wore shoes!" Akeli was utterly confused. The only thing she knew was that this dog was spoiled.

The white fluff of clouds that made up the dog sniffed the air and snapped her head at Akeli as if she knew she was there the whole time. She let out a obnoxious snort and quickened her pace.

"Uh as if a Stray hasn't even heard of beauty and a bath!" She barked. The poodle spat out the word "stray" as if it was forbidden for that word to slip across her tongue.

The female human looked over to Akeli as the poodle let out a bark from what she said, Akeli could understand her but the human couldn't. The Woman talked in the humans weird language. Again she heard the word "Stray" be spat out over a tongue but the woman said it more with discus. She quickened her pace as if trying to get as far away from Akeli. "Am i really that ugly? Is being a Stray like being the most horrible creature on the face of the world?" Akeli's eyes filled with sadness.

She padded to the back of the alley so nobody would have to see her ugly self. To walk away in disgust. Akeli picked around through the garbage that was scattered along the floor. Maybe she would be fortuitous and find some scraps of edible food. It would also at least keep her mind off of the poodle.
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Beauty & the stray.
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