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 *`Lakeside Orphanage`* (Orphan rpg)~*xJoin Please!x*

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*`Lakeside Orphanage`* (Orphan rpg)~*xJoin Please!x* Empty
PostSubject: *`Lakeside Orphanage`* (Orphan rpg)~*xJoin Please!x*   *`Lakeside Orphanage`* (Orphan rpg)~*xJoin Please!x* I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 7:56 pm

You walk into a place that smells musty. A lady in a dress greets you. She shows you to a room. You walk into the room you set your suitcase down so here you are.


Girls room-
Shared by all the girls with floral wallpaper two desks, and a radio. The bedspread is Blue and the pilliow cover is a soft violet.

Boys room-
Shared by the boys Blue wallpaper, two desks and a radio. With green bedspread and a blue pilliow cover.

5 showers and three sinks one tiolet. Green tile floor, Ruber duck wallpaper in 2 shows for small kids, and blue wallpaper.

Dining room-
Table and chairs for dining.

Play and study room-
A play bin with toys filled in it a Radio is on a small table. five desks and chairs are used for study.

School room-
Children who can attened school are taught by the Ms. Blacher.


(If you wish to be staff of the orphanage PM me)

History(may unfold):
Personality(may unfold):


Name:Ms. Blacher
Gender: female
Appearance: Brown long hair, Brown eyes. Floral dress.
History(may unfold): will unfold
Personality(may unfold): will unfold

Name: Sammy Flin
Age: 6
Gender: female
Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes. Little blue dress, always carries a stuffed horse named Stella.
History(may unfold): will unfold
Personality(may unfold): will unfold
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*`Lakeside Orphanage`* (Orphan rpg)~*xJoin Please!x*
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