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 role players co.

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PostSubject: role players co.   Fri Nov 21, 2008 1:40 am

Welcome to Role players co. He is things to get you caught up.

Here at Role players co. we have palces we own. where ever you see: RP company on a rp, that means it was made by us! we have polls,rps,off topic things,shops, and more! join us by using the form!! Then when you do you earn a star every time you boost up our popurlarity! They look like this: * more you have, better you are! Enjoy!! Fill the form to apply!

Nickname(make it adult-like)-
Mr., Ms. or Mrs.-
what will you do to help us?-
what threads will you make-
when making threads for RP co. will you puts in the title?-
what other co. do you own/work at-


Ms. Peterson

Put: Role players company. in your siggie!


Congratulations! You found a letter to the mystery word!
The letter is: P


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role players co.
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