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 Cherry Vale middle school - Niese and Stallions rival

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PostSubject: Cherry Vale middle school - Niese and Stallions rival   Sat Oct 25, 2008 8:48 pm

Welcome to Cherry Vale middle school

Codes: (lolz)

white is 6th grade

Olive is 7th grade

Green is 8th grade

dark red is 9th grade

We'll add more grades in the future


Whole name: (including middle!)
Age and grade:
Any sports?: (If in 7th - 9th they can do basketball,swimming,football and soccer)
Other: (Look down)

My form

Olivia Anne Hayes
14,9th grade
Yes,football and soccer
Dark chocolate brown hair a inch above shoulder
normal girl height,blue crystal eyes
Total tomboy,likes to be called a boy
plays football and soccer,Never paints
nails,nice,funny,pretty and hates pink
and loves green....
"Were going to rule!"


#1 Nothing mean about my school!
#2 Follow all RPC rules
#3 Actulay don't be mean at all!
#4 if you agree and have really read them type in "Were going to rule!"


6th grade:

7th grade:

8th grade:

9th grade:

Olivia Anne Hayes (14) kaykat32
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PostSubject: Re: Cherry Vale middle school - Niese and Stallions rival   Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:56 am

-Onyx Catrina Aradia


-15; 9th grade

-No; horrible at sports

- Five foot, 1 inch
100 lbs.
Pale skin
Reddish-brown eyes
Black, shoulder length hair; with cherry-red streaks, bangs, and tips
Likes to wear a plum coloured corset with black lace, a red punk skirt, lace Lolita gloves, neon purple fishnets, and chunky knee-high combats

- Gothic Lolita Punkette
A bit obsessed with the punk band, Green Day
Somewhat withdrawn and sarcastic around people she doesn't know well
Geeky, intelligent, and a total Literature/Grammar geek
Loves singing, acting, and creating visual art
Loves the colour black, and despises pink, especially neon and hot.

"Were going to rule!"
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Cherry Vale middle school - Niese and Stallions rival
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