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 The 7 Elements and others.

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PostSubject: The 7 Elements and others.   Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:29 pm

Bethany: This story is a very fun activity that we did with some of our friends. Later on some people came as minor characters. There are many things in this story that are false. Believe if you want. We were really inspired by another book series. “Blah, blah, blah, blah, etc.” This is somewhat based on a true story. For examples some problems are difficulties that we as friends ran into.
There are different languages involved.
Rebekah: Yeah, what she said :)

This story happens in the age of dragons, unicorns, and what-nots. ( I think that is funny. ) Many people say that dragons, mutant sharks, and other legendary creatures aren’t real. Do you want to know the truth? They are real! Many people have to hide their identities so that their kind doesn’t go extinct. Anthrozils hide their wings in backpacks, fire mages dye their hair and wear sunglasses, and saytars wear shoes, clothing, and hats. Some people try to hunt down and kill the half-breeds. We call them slayers: dragon-slayers, unicorn-slayers, (???: Mushroom slayers! Me: NO!) Pegasus-slayers and so on. (??: I think there should be Mushroom slayers. Me: *Face palm* Certainement pas aux champignons slayers)
My name is Ashley Bloodlust Eiona Obsidian. I have a mom, a dad, and two sisters. (Yes, I know. I don’t want to spoil the book.)

My older sister is Shelly Diamond Purity. She is the spoiled brat and the favorite. Shelly has blonde hair, hazel eyes, and is insane about fashion. She is everyone's dream girl. Every day I have to listen to suitors declare their love for her. It is annoying and boring.

My younger sister is Elphaba. I call her Elphy. She is really nice. Her full name name is Elphaba Sapphire Trinity. Elphy has brown eyes and hair. Our parents love her second the best.

That means that our parents hate me. I have pure white hair and red eyes. I am 7’ tall. I do not like fashion. Wearing dresses is a curse. My sister’s body guard is the most annoying person I have ever met. Sir Spa-har-ton-ton Valiant. Whenever he catches me looking at him he smiles and waves. UGH! Irritating if you ask me.

It all started in the dressing room when I was getting ready for Shelly’s birthday party. I wore a red, white, and gold dress that has a black tiara. I didn’t wear gloves or heels. I did wear leggings and flats though. After I got dressed I heard my mom talking to Shelly, “You look lovely my dear. There is one order of business that we must attend too. I have heard that the Prince of Sharks is coming. You are to be betrothed to him. Now go wait by the window. Don’t get burnt!” I opened the door and saw my mom waiting. Once she saw me she exclaimed, “You are too go outside and show our guests in. If you meet someone without manners stay away from him.” I rolled my eyes mentally. “Fine. I’m going to get Elphaba.” I ran too the stairs. “Boska shiba Clia!” I called in our secret code.

In five seconds flat my little sister appeared in front of me. “How did I do?” she asked. “ Pretty good. We’re supposed to wait for the quests,” I replied. “Boring!” I rolled my eyes. My little sister was not a patient person. Those spoiled kids! I of course was not a spoiled brat. Many things are what you might not expect right now. A sister that can teleport! A birthday party for a princess that is actually going to be married too an idiot!(I thought he was going to be an idiot!) “Anyway, I have a job for you. I want you to get my hunting stuff and meet me in the stables after the party. Capeesh?” Elphy nodded, “Caposh.” We headed to the front and sat on the bench. After one or so hours a carriage came rolling by and stopped in front of us. The door opened and a man, woman, and boy appeared. I walked over and took in their details. The queen and king were dressed in blue and silver clothing while the boy wore black, blue, and gold. I curtsied and they bowed/curtsied back. “ Hello. I’m Ashley. This is my sister Elphaba.” The boy nodded and smiled. (No I did not fall in love! Pourquoi me!) I glowered at him. Elphy opened the door and they went in. I quietly followed. I slipped past and signaled to my sister that it was time to go activate my plan earlier than I thought.

I ran up the stairs and went to my room to change. Where is my cloak, I thought. I looked around and spotted a green shape. I grabbed it and thought Nature sauvage. Immediately my outfit changed into something comfortable for the woods. A moment later my sister came in carrying a bundle that clinked as she walked. She put the bundle on my bed and unwrapped it. There lay my weapons: bow, a quiver that held about fifty arrows, a throwing knife, a saxe, a sword, and a pouch. “Thanks Elphy!” She nodded and started sharpening the arrows. “You should wait til it is dark and everyone is asleep. You know that Pegasus in the stable? You should take that one.” “But isn’t that Shelly’s?” “Yes but that is the only one that likes you.” I rolled my eyes. She smiled and left. A million years passed by and I grew a gray old beard and now have white hair. J.K! It was not a million years although it felt like it, I did not grow a beard(that would have been awkward), and my hair is already white!

Back to the future… :l sorry. Back to the past…. :l sorry. Back to the present. (whew! She is driving me crazy!) After around midnight(Yes, it took that long.) I crept out and made my way to the stable. I entered the stall and tacked up (No, I did not literally tack up the horse.)the Pegasus. I put my foot in the stirrup (the foothold. ???: Oooohhh!) and swung up(not like a monkey. Whatever that is.). Then the worst thing happened. (NO! The horse DID NOT DIE! *ugh*) Sparton appeared. (Yes you dummy. Now shut up!) Now Sparton had a not so secret crush on me. I hated him. He had jet black hair that was slicked back with a cream called gel. (Quelle qu’elle soit) He was a skinny, but strong guy compared to the average human. *Ahem* He stared at me and I pointed an arrow at him. “Whoa there my lady!” he said. I pulled the string taut. “Back away.” Sparton shook his head. Stupid. Then an idea formed. I relaxed and he drew his sword, “Get off and no one will be hurt.” I smiled and teleported with the horse. (Yes Amber, I could teleport then. Really!!!)
I had forgotten that teleportation took a lot of energy. After I appeared I stumbled, but thankfully the Pegasus caught me. “Thanks buddy.” I got up and looked around me. I was in a forest. The wood was beautiful. “Wow. This place is breathtaking! I have never seen anything like it!” After I admired the place, I set up camp and went to bed. ‘Chirp, Chirp.’ ‘Neigh’ Huh? Where am I. , I’m in the forest. I woke up too find the Pegasus staring at me. We stared at each other for quite awhile before I got up and stretched. “What in the world am I going to do now?” Suddenly I felt the wind whirl around me and then I felt myself lifting. Stop! Arrêter! I thought. Surprisingly the wind stopped. In front of me was an old guy. “Who in world are you?” We asked at the same time. I studied him. He had a gray beard, gray hair, a cane, and a peculiar weapon. I answered his question, “I’m Ashley. Who are you?” “I’m Eagleheart of the mountains. I am actually a spirit. I died but I chose to live again. As a spirit I can change my form. I chose this form because not many people will think I’m a threat.” I nodded seeing the wisdom in that. “ Well I’m a runaway princess. Am I right too believe that you have wind powers?” He sighed and nodded. “I had a dream about six others like me.” “What others?”
He stared into the clouds with a glazed look, “ There were seven dragons. Each one had a symbol above its head. A black and red one had a red water droplet, a light blue one had a blue water droplet, a brown dragon had a chunk of dirt, one had a flame, another lava, lightning for one, and mine had a tornado. Blood, water, earth, fire, lava, lightning, and air. Later on I saw other dragons with weird symbols. Then the dream ended.” We stood in silence. I then inquired about his weapon, “ What is your weapon? It seems to have a stone on it.” He looked at it and replied, “That stone is tiger’s eye. It helps me see the future and see things mortals can’t, like spirits. When I need to defend myself, it turns into a sword that lets out powerful gusts of wind.” Impressed, I nodded my head, “Very effective I would think. You having air as your main talent would be more powerful with the sword.” Eagleheart nodded. “We should head out then. If we walk down the trail we should meet some people on the way.” He studied me then said, “You said that you were a princess. Shouldn’t you like, change your appearance?” I nodded. Concentrating I thought ‘changer’ and my appearance changed. I had black hair, purple eyes, and was 6’9”. Eagleheart nodded approvingly, “ Now we can just say that you're my grand daughter. If we meet the others and make sure that they’re really it then, we’ll tell them.” After a morsel and a nap, we went on our way. We traveled about two miles on foot then traveled four more on horseback. Once we set up camp I asked, “How is it that you are now a spirit? I mean what is your story?”
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The 7 Elements and others.
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