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 The Bloodlorns Rage

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PostSubject: The Bloodlorns Rage   The Bloodlorns Rage I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2018 9:21 pm

“You’ve been gone for a really long time, you know…” He grabs her shoulders and pulls her down into a hug. “It ain’t like me, but...I missed you loads.” The boy’s dark bangs cover his glazed over dark eyes. The female on the ground looks up at him.
She smiles and sits down, covering a gaping wound which adorned her stomach. “I was on a mission, dummy. You can’t expect me to be home soon.”
“For ten years? Are you stupid?!!!!!” he says this as he crouches next to her, rubbing her back and hugging her head to his chest.
She laughs but grimaces as she coughs up blood, splattering some on his shirt, “Not just ten Tim Tim….” More blood splatters as she’s hit with a coughing fit. “I.. was…going...for one hundred.” She collapses and struggles to steady her breathing.
Tom hugs her closer and whispers into her head, tearing up. “You think I’d really let you do that? I….. I wouldn’t be able to bear that.. Eio.. If I wasn’t here you.. You could’ve,” Tom’s voice started to crack. “You could’ve died! If.. if that happened…..” He puts his face down to hide incoming tears.
Eiona senses this and cups his cheek with her pale hand. “It would’ve been best if you weren’t here…” she struggles to stay up. “At least you wouldn’t have to witness me going off into the world of spirits…”
Immediately she falls over, but Tom catches her saying, “I want to protect you.. I always have… but now I don’t think I’ll be able to fulfill my promise to myself...protecting the ones I deeply and truly love…” Eiona’s hand falls down and falls limp in his arms.
“Eiona… no… EIONA!!!!!! You can’t leave me… Not if I have any say…! There’s so much more I want to experience with you, you can’t leave me alone.. Without you…I have nothing to live for!”
He pulls her closer into a hug, mixing his tears with her blood. Tom then laid her down and crossed her arms. Suddenly around her body, roses started to rise. In the air they turned into a most peculiar shade. Stripes adorned their petals and glimmered a gold and red color. Awestruck he scooched closer to her body. At once though he scrambled away scared.
She was glowing. And growing.
All at once horns appear at the crown of her head. In the middle a grotesque metallic silver horn grew. Scales then ripple across her face and onto her body which grew rapidly. Feathers stuck out of her back which soon took the shape of wings. Her legs morphed into ones of lions, and her tail grew feathers and a snake. At the end of the transformation, the beast’s eyes shot open. Her eyes was the most brightest shade of green with speckles of gold. She stood up and roared,the mountain literally crumbling under her voice. Dark portals opened by the wings and everything was drawn in. The moments the grass and roses disappeared the holes grew bigger creating a bigger suction. Tom quickly tried to get away but was thrown back into the beast. Darkness envelops him as he whispers, “Please, someone. Bring Eiona back.” With that he disappeared into the abyss.
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The Bloodlorns Rage
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