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 Briarwood High [ OPEN TO ALL ; ]

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PostSubject: Briarwood High [ OPEN TO ALL ; ]   Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:03 pm

Salutations! && Welcome to my high school roleplay. Anyone is welcome to join.


-- [Callie West]
-- [17/Junior]
-- [Callie's appearance is nothing overly special. You could even say that she's cute, pretty. Of course this only can get you so far. Callie is quite petite with small hands and feet and delicate proportions and is considered short since she is 5'5" 1/2. Her heart-shaped face, contrasts deeply with her tan skin. Her nose is a bit wider than most with slightly rounded tip. The color of her hair is unusual but pretty none the less. Its a light yet soft scarlet. Kinda like a red velvet cupcake. It flows down her shoulders to the blades of her back and at the bottom of her hair, delicate half curls rest there. Her hair is thick and soft. The part is on the right side making the left much more lush and flowing with a thick curl of bangs that curve into the rest of her hair. Now her eyes are the color of hazel, a delicate shade that hovers between brown and chestnut but they are set into an almond shape with dark black lashes that frame these glowing eyes. Lastly, Callie has a slender body. Callie doesn’t have the womanly abundance that some women were blessed with but Callie works what she has.]
-- [Callie is very friendly, her sensitivity, energy, and unusual thought processes make her somewhat difficult to be around without getting annoyed. Part of the dynamic she has with other people is that they need to walk on eggshells around her, or else they risk getting her upset. She can be very sensitive and her feelings are easily hurt, especially when yelling is involved. Although in fairness, Callie doesn't make it easy. While Callie is cheery, bubbly, upbeat, energetic, and is smiling most of the time, she can be somewhat absent-minded, random, and slightly naive. Despite this, she has been shown to have some intelligence. Her fun-loving personality is evident in her frequent giggling and laughing. This female also seems to have a good sense of humor at the most, though she often takes a compliment as if you mean it to be offensive until you clarify it with her also she gets offended easily. It is possible that she is just very random, excitable, and maybe a little insecure, which sometimes comes in handy at times.]
-- [Lives with mom and 9 year old little brother, Drew. She takes care of Drew since her mom is to busy getting arrested and partying.]
-- [Sports she does; Tennis]
-- [Clubs in; Drama Club, TAB]
-- [Classes being taken; Chemistry honors, Liberal Arts Math, American History, English 3, HOPE]
-- [Callie lives with her mom and 9 year old brother, Drew.]
-- [She doesn't have a boyfriend]


Callie stops at her locker and turns her lock to open it. Callie is usually wearing pink in her outfit. So today she was wearing a pink bow in her hair, creamy pink vans, neon pink nail polish on her nails, a white slight ruffled shirt with a cute pink cropped jacket, white tights that stopped just at above her ankles && a light pink skirt. Accompanied by her cornflower pink backpack that was resting against the ground and leaned against a bottom locker.

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PostSubject: Re: Briarwood High [ OPEN TO ALL ; ]   Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:20 am

^^ first school rp and im not in high school so im kinda clueless bear with me!

Danna Katsarou (pronounced Dah- Nah Cat- soar- oo)

same age as callie and same year

danna has peculiar silver that comes down to her hips, bangs that hang in her eyes, and a shy expression. if she ever lifted her eyes to you, you would see they are a deep, knowing purple. she has a fair complexion, with a few freckles here and there. Danna is a skilled dancer, but you could never tell that by the way she carries herself like someone could strike her at any moment. if you persuade her to smile, is sure is a sight. however, that isn't very likely unless you, like, save her life or something.

danna is quiet and thoughtful, and not very good at speaking to others. she has a weak voice, and easily gives in to others. however, she can become a force to be reckoned with if you try to manipulate her into doing something her beliefs go against. she always wears something to cover her head, whether it be a hat or a hoodie or simply a wide headband. there is a rumor going around the school that she scratches her head with her foot, but danna denies all inquiries.

danna is skilled in fencing and track, and is the best on the track team. she says she has more experience than even she knew.

danna has a father that is always on business trips to japan,and no one has ever seen him. she also has a mom and a little sister, but no one sees them either. she runs to and from school.

classes being taken: ( I don'tknow what classes there are so here's some ones I hope are there!) Math, Science, History honors (straight A's through elementary and middle school) visual arts,
English, Japanese as a second language

she doesn't have a boy friend

additional info: is said to be a transfer student from russia

^ ^ hope you like it!

Danna walked down the halls to her locker, hugging her books with a guarded expression. she had on today a short red dress with a bow in the middle, the sleeves short. she had on classic japanese sandals, a gift from her father, she said. her backpack wasn't even a backpack, just a woven bag of straw big enough to hold a couple of textbooks. the bag had two straps attached to the sides, for carrying on her back. she silently opened her locker and lowered her head to see what was inside. a couple of pictures of a weepy emo girl had been stuck in the slot of her locker. she swept them aside without heed. the people who made them would pay at fencing club. she gathered up her books and set off to first class, trying to step by everyone as quickly as possible.
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Briarwood High [ OPEN TO ALL ; ]
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