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 The Unknown Part 1-The Beautiful Bandit (Join in at any time!!!!!!)

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RP Lover

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PostSubject: The Unknown Part 1-The Beautiful Bandit (Join in at any time!!!!!!)   Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:53 pm

(it may say the herd doesn't want anyone to disturd the land. but feel free to join in and join the herd, or just be a stranger and join the herd later or be on bandits side)
As you jumped over a tall brick wall barley scraping your back legs you felt kind of light headed, suddenly your whole world started spinning and your head start pounding as if you had a hangover. Suddenly the spinning stops and as you look around you, you notice the brick wall is no longer behind you, you look in front of you a see a dirt path that is barley visible to the naked eye, your hopes get high but then they crash to the ground as you see the path stops only ten feet in front of you.
You look around to see if anyone is there but all you see is a bunch of beautiful green grass with a couple of yellow or purple flowers dotted along here and there, you see a small blue object in the background and squint you eyes almost until there closed before you can tell is a small lake with a waterfall, you look around and see a bunch of trees with pink blossoms on them. All to soon you think this is paradise and start making your way down to the waterfall after a long run from getting free from your terrible owner.
Suddenly a small white mare with a red rose and a revolver gun hair clip cliped into here mane by here left ear tieing up her bangs,you stand there look down at her as she puts here ears back and snorts at you as she asks you in a rude tone "what are you doing here" then she turns around not even wanting to hear you reply and commands you to follow her.

The Misunderstood herd changed after Bandit was born, for which she was a real bandit after all, the herd has guarder the perimeter of this unknown land not wanting strangers to disturb it. Is this unknown land really that beautiful, or is it a threat to the real world? Dare to join and find out.

║Elements║(two per horse)
Spirits(turning into a ghost)

║Ranks║(Pm me for ranks unless its stranger)
Lead Mare
Lead Stallion

║Joining Form║
Pic or description:

║My Form║
Element:Water and Earth
Description:Bandit is all white with black spots on her back and sides, she has one blue eye one brown eye and a slightly pink muzzle. She has a tan mane and tail with black bangs and black streaks. She has a revolver and rose clip that pins up part of her bangs on her left side. Her front hoofs are black and her back ones are a tan color, she also has a braided piece of tail that is held up by a rose clip.Her mane and tail are very long, her tail drags on the ground and her mane touches the ground slightly she has front black socks and back white socks with black over them.
History:Will unfold
Personality:Bandit is very independent, she hates it when people try to help or save her. She does catch an attitude every now and then but most of the time she is calm, unless you get on her bad side.Bandit is not who everyone thinks she is though, she is not the reckless little stubborn mare everyone says she is.Get to know her and find out who she really is.

Rank:Bandit and Part time Guard
Element:Fire and Spirits
Pic or description:Shadow has a black grulla coat with overo markings, he has a white line that goes down the center of his forehead that goes down to his muzzle, his muzzle is all white also with a tint of like pink.He has large feathered wings that are black grulla colored with white spots. He has a bandage on his right front leg that has a few blood stains, he wears a necklace that has a Japanese symbol on it that says loved on it. He has several scars down the side of his back leg, a few scars over his bandage on his right front leg, and a giant scar that goes across his eye and down his cheek, his right eye is green and his left eye is light blue (he is blinded in his left eye from the scar).
History(optional):Shadow was abused as a young colt but grew up strong, he never lets anyone stop him anymore and he doesn't care what other people have to say about him, more will unfold in rp.
Personality:Shadow prefers to be alone, or along with a couple of friends such as Bandit. Shadow has known bandit for a long period of time, probably since they were a few months old. Shadow has a lot of secrets that the rest of the herd wonders about, but Shadow wants no one to know.

Rank:Leader (Temporary)
Element:Fire and Sky
Pic or description:Bullet is a dappled grey stallion with a all black face, he has two white sock markings, one on his front left foot that goes up to his knee, and one of his back right foot that goes up only a inch above his hoof. He has a black mane and tail that has white streaks in it. He has light blue eyes and white rimmed ears. His front right and back right hooves are grey and his front left and back left hooves are tan.
History(optional):Will unfold
Personality:Bullet likes to think of himself as king of the world, he thinks he can take down everyone in his path. He thinks hes a hotshot and can get any mare he wants. He may be leader of the herd but he has know intentions on what is about to come his way.

Name: Isadora
Age:2 1/2
Pic or description: Isadora is a tall brown filly with a white streak that goes done her forehead and stops right between her two nostrils,She has black sock markings on all four legs,She has a white mane and tail that fades two bleach blonde at the tips, her tail and mane are very long and wavy. She has Hazel eyes and a black spot around her left eye, she has tan hoofs.
History(optional):Will Unfold
Personality:Isadora is very shy and tends to stay away from other people. She was abused and then abandoned at the age of 1 1/2. She has been traveling the dessert every since surviving on very little and a scarce amount of water.

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RP Lover
RP Lover

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PostSubject: Re: The Unknown Part 1-The Beautiful Bandit (Join in at any time!!!!!!)   Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:11 pm

I stood at the perimeter of the land, not to far from the short dirt trail that is barley even visible, i looked around and waited to see if any new horses would arrive, i sighed and looked behind me as Shadow yelled out my name and i trotted over to him asking him what was wrong. He replied and said "We found another stranger on the North boundary line, Bullet wanted you to go check it out" ,I looked at him and rolled my eyes at him "You mean my "dad" ". I walked off even before Shadow could even reply, he only got out one word then let out a big sigh and started heading back towards the herd, the people that misunderstood me, my "family". I have thought about running away but it was useless, they would find me before i could even get to the dessert on the other side of the North boundary. As soon as i said North Boundary i remembered the reason i was walking towards it. I was suppose to be going over there to check to see if that Stranger was still there and to pick them up and bring them back to the herd if the were. I let out a big "Ughhhh....." then started cantering heading towards the North Boundary.
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PostSubject: Re: The Unknown Part 1-The Beautiful Bandit (Join in at any time!!!!!!)   Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:23 pm

Name: prince
Gender: male
Rank: stranger
Element: sky, spirits
Pic or description: dun coat with black muzzle
History(optional): you'll find out
Personality: prince is shy and very nice.
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RP Lover
RP Lover

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Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: The Unknown Part 1-The Beautiful Bandit (Join in at any time!!!!!!)   Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:17 pm

Bandit jerked around as she heard hoof beats on a slight dirt path you could barley see, then she sighed in relief seeing that is was just Shadow, again. She frowned in disappointment thinking it might have been a new horse. Even though she didn't want to talk to Shadow or anyone right now she asked him what he wanted now. Shadow: "Bullet said that he saw another stranger walking along the border, it was a stallion so he feared it might be a threat to the herd, he wanted you to go check it out". Bandit it sighed and replied "Well, i guess so". So she slighted changed directions and started cantering toward the border, just to find that a small dot to appear so she started to gallop towards it, until she knew it was a horse she slowed down and slowly walked up to the mysterious stallion.
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PostSubject: Re: The Unknown Part 1-The Beautiful Bandit (Join in at any time!!!!!!)   

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The Unknown Part 1-The Beautiful Bandit (Join in at any time!!!!!!)
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