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 Echoclan - Part 1 - A New Life

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PostSubject: Echoclan - Part 1 - A New Life    Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:53 pm

Long ago three clans lived by a mountain range with twolegs not far off. They all lived in peace unless a battle was needed. Then when the leader of Wolfclan died there was a new leader by the name of Scarstar. The leader's of Echoclan and Patchclan had a dream from Starclan that a darkness was come. Fogstar, the leader of Echoclan, watched the twolegs in the day and the stars at night. He thought the twolegs were going to attack them and wanted Starclan to give him a way to save his clan. Pouncestar, the leader of Patchclan, trained her warriors and apprentices to fight harder and faster. She thought the other clans would attack. Scarstar didn't have a dream once but gathered more cats to help him in his battle to defeat the other two clans. One gathering night Scarstar jumped to the top of a small cliff to meet the other two leaders. Pouncestar was stiff and watchful but Fogstar was calm and nodded to Scarstar. He nodded back then turned and hissed to his clan mates that were in the trees and bushes, "Wolfclan now is our chance to rule. ATTACK!!!" A battle broke out below and Pouncestar jumped on Scarstar's back knocking him off the cliff. Fogstar jumped down quickly and got the elders from all the clans out. Then gathered his warriors and apprentices. His deputy, Fishpelt, was helping the medicine cats. Fogstar raced up to Pouncestar and Scarstar, slashing Scarstar's side, then graped Pouncestar, who was out cold. Once back at camp Pouncestar had lost a life. Her wounds were greatly bad and there was no help that would save her, even with three medicine cats. The next day Fogstar when back to look for survivors. Scarstar's body was gone but other bodies were left there. A young apprentice was the only survivor. Fogstar sent a patrol to fetch the others in Patchclan camp but only came back with one kit. The rest had been killed or if they were kits, then they were taken. Fogstar then spoke to the clan, "We must leave but Patchclan must not die. They have a medicine cat, an apprentice, and a kit but they must live. I would like some of my warriors and queens to go with them and make them strong again." Cats protested but then were quiet. "Fishpelt," Fogstar nodded to his deputy, "I want you to lead Patchclan and make Pouncestar be proud of you. I know I am." The two clans when their own ways and found new lands to make their territory.

The clan has just settled in a new territory and learning the land. Prey is easy to find and kill. The clan is small and need more warriors for a new start in their new territory. Will Echoclan live long enough to rebuild their clan and be strong again?

Time of year: Leaf-fall.
Prey: Still plentiful and easy to catch.

Form ~

Echoclan, Loner, Rouge, or Kittypet:


- Tickstar ~ Long furred black and white tom with light blue eyes. (Splashie) ~Father to Claymoon and Glowfang~ ~Mate is Dothead~

- None

Medicine Cat:
- None

- Camowish ~ Slender tortoriseshell she cat with amber eyes. (Splashie) ~Sister is Dothead~
- Dothead ~ Sleek slender tortoriseshell she-cat with amber-green eyes and a ginger dot on head. (Splashie) ~Mother to Claymoon and Glowfang~ ~Sister is Camowish~
- Claymoon ~ Large ginger tabby tom with light amber eyes. (Splashie) ~Brother is Glowfang~ ~Mother is Dothead~
- Glowfang ~ Slender light brown tabby tom with amber eyes. (Splashie) ~Brother is Claymoon~ ~Mother is Dothead~

- Mistpaw(cloud) ~ Light creamy white she-cat with blue eyes. (Splashie)

- None

- None

- None

- None

- None

- None
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PostSubject: Re: Echoclan - Part 1 - A New Life    Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:48 pm

Echoclan, Loner, Rouge, or Kittypet: Echoclan
Description: Brown with amber eyes and a muscular body.
Personality: protective, loyal, solitary.

Echoclan, Loner, Rouge, or Kittypet:Echoclan.
Description: Blue, (Greyish blue) with blue eyes and a ideal build
Personality: kind, playful,gentle,caring
Other: nope
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Echoclan - Part 1 - A New Life
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