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 ~~*Can you keep up the pace?*~~(Shape Shifter rp)

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PostSubject: ~~*Can you keep up the pace?*~~(Shape Shifter rp)   Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:07 pm

Life was different. Harder not as simple, but in the darkness light still showed. Shifters, let's call them they kept hope beating inside of us. The world is safe at least for [i]now[/i]. The underworld Shifter want to take over will you allow it?

You know em
No romance please
No swearing please
Joining form
Personality(May unfold):
Light or dark?:

Name:Amy Sanders
Age: 16
Personality: will unfold
History:Amy was born with her talent and she can shift eaisly but can't always shirt back right away. Her mom and dad are hiding while she defends her home. More of her history will be told.
Looks: Amy has Brown long hair, She has blue eyes and wears awite te die shirt and grey sweatpants. She is 5'4
Light or dark?: Light

Name:Nick Dila
Age: 16
Personality: Will be told
History: Nick was raised and told, "Always keep moving forward,and help people get back up." He follows those words adn never forgets them. More history will be told.
Looks: Nick has black hair and brown eyes he wears the blue tee and jeans and is 5'2.
Light or dark:Light

The Light:
Amy Sanders (me)
Nick Dila (me)
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~~*Can you keep up the pace?*~~(Shape Shifter rp)
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