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 The official rules of RPCentral - Updated 7/28

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PostSubject: The official rules of RPCentral - Updated 7/28   Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:25 am

- Respect all Staff. -
This includes Admins, Mods, MIT's and Originals.
You will be punished accordingly for this. Play fighting is not included.

- Be nice to everyone. -
As in no cyber bullying, yelling, or humiliating someone on the forum without a seriously good reason.
Take any fights to PM, and if things get serious, contact me or Rebecca immediately so we can sort out everything.

- Do not use copyrighted images without permission. -
This isn't taken as serious, but please be careful.
We do not want anything happening because of a simple copyrighted image. We will code any image that seems to be copyrighted, but you will not be severely punished unless continued over and over again.

- We do have age limits. -
Do not join if you are not thirteen years or older.
This does not go for senior members, but anyone new is to follow this rule. We do allow mild swearing, romance and gore, but not extreme levels.

- Restricted colors. -
Do not use Red or Blue.
They are reserved for important staff notices.
You will be warned three times, but if it is purposely continued, it will be taken care of quickly by the Admins.

- No stealing. -
We work hard on what we write or draw.
Please do not steal or claim RPCentral work unless you have permission from it's rightful owner, and you have fully credited them for their work.

- No posting on inactive topics. -
Do not post on a topic that has been pronounced dead, has had no posts for other a month, or the owner is no longer active.
You may revive a thread if you are it's owner and more than two of the previous members are still active and interested.

- No sexual harassment. -
I will be absolutely mortified if any of this happens here.
It will never be tolerated, at all.
Rebecca and Myself will blow a gasket if we get reports of this happening, or see it ourselves.

- Never give your password away. -
The number one internet safety rule.
Not even to your friends, because none of us actually know each other, unless you were recommended here by a real life friend and member, or something.

- Three roleplays per member, per week. -
Don't just start an RP for the sake of starting an RP.
Quantity is not always better than quality; beginning a small amount of well-thought-out role-plays is much better than starting a whole bunch of random RPs because you feel like it.

Thank you Lan Fan for the description.


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The official rules of RPCentral - Updated 7/28
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