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 -*~On the Otherside~*-

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PostSubject: -*~On the Otherside~*-   Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:19 pm

The year? 5011 You remained on this islands for a long time. All of the people here are still young. Each has a talent,destiny, or mission. The Island of Gihgi Is remote, it's not marked on any map thats for sure. People choose to live there in peace of early life. There fed up with life back at the city. In the city there horrible smokes and, only the richest people can afford to live their while the Gihgi islands are more at peace. Ready to find your destiny?

The People

Jimmy D. Frinchey(me)
Apprentices(they try out different job to find their talent):
Siera S. Dasher
Med people:
Jessica M. Chickera(me)


Hi i'm (character name)
Im a (boy/girl)
I'm (age 5-12)
I look like this (character's looks)
Some say i'm (Personality)
I'm a (rank)
Now scram I got work to do!

My forms:

Hi i'm Jessica M. Chickera
Im a Girl
I'm 8
I look like this I have brown long hair and hazel eyes, I wear a Orange T-shirt and jeans. I'm 4'7
Some say i'm caring and Hyper and I can be annoying, They also say I like to snoop around.
I'm a Explorer
Now scram I got work to do!

Hi i'm Jimmy D. Frinchey
Im a boy
I'm 12
I look like this I have shaggy brown hair and wear a white Tee with black jeans. I ahve blue eyes and I'm 5'4
Some say i'm shy, crazy and protective.
I'm a Leader
Now scram I got work to do!

Hi i'm Siera S. Dasher
Im a girl
I'm 5
I look like this I have blond hair with blue eyes and I wear a long green tee that is way to big for me and a little pair of jeans.
Some say i'm silly, hyper and always smiling
I'm a apprentice
Now scram I got work to do!

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-*~On the Otherside~*-
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