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 `<<**~~Buffy the Vampire Slayer rp~~**>>`

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PostSubject: `<<**~~Buffy the Vampire Slayer rp~~**>>`   Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:36 pm

Your one of the slayers. Face evil, Protect earth. Prevent the master from taking over. The troop of slayers is made up of strong, smart, and bold teens and adults. Keep running, keep fighting the moments just pass so fast....Even faster as a slayer.

You can be a slayer or mortal vampires are ment to be role played out like this: example ran faster she turned the vampire know as vamp was next to her she took out her stake and began to attack.

RPC rule must be followed

No kissing hugging is aloud

No sexual content

You may play as A buffy character or one you made up.

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VS2JXKICEQ&feature=related


Slayer/Slayer helper or mortal?:
(if slayer) What slayer power?:

Slayers/Slayer helpers or mortal?:Slayer helper
(if slayer) What slayer power?:Magic
Weapons:Stake, protection spells, Spell books
Personality:Williow can be nervous but, she's one of of the many brains of the group, she has he strong points at spells but, they don't always turn out the way she wants them too. Williow has always liked doing research but, also wants to be a bit tough. She stuters a lot.
History: Williow was born is sunnydale were she grew up with her buddies, Buffy has always been close to her as well as the others.
Looks: Willow from Buffy

Name: Sophie
Gender: female
Slayer/Slayer helper or mortal?: Slayer
(if slayer) What slayer power?: Fast Reflexes
Weapons: Stake, Cross Bow, Holy water
Personality: Sophie is a Nice girl she doesn't like popular girls though, She is more tough than smart and is very active but, can be annoying.
History: Sophie knew about vampires on her first year of high School she wanted to help so when she was called as a slayer she went crazy then began her work as a slayer.
Looks: Sophie is a fit girl about 5'9 she has brow eyes and brown hair in a medium cut her hair is barley just past her shoulders, she wears T-shirts and jeans mostly.

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`<<**~~Buffy the Vampire Slayer rp~~**>>`
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