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 ~.: B r E a K f R e E :.~ A PRP for Administrators! )Open! :) Your post Bexy!(

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PostSubject: ~.: B r E a K f R e E :.~ A PRP for Administrators! )Open! :) Your post Bexy!(   Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:13 pm

~.: B r E a K f R e E :.~

Soft white light streamed through the barred cellar window, lighting up the room. The light hurt Alexi’s eyes, since it had been a long while since she had seen light. She flicked her wrists hoping the handcuffs that bound her would have disappeared. The handcuffs softly clanked against the metal pipe to which she was bound. Her brother, Aiden was slumped in a dusty corner, passed out. Her brother’s friend William was beside Aiden slapping him, to awake him from unconsciousness.
“It won’t work.” William murmured to himself. He ran a hand through his dirt covered light brown hair. Alexi pulled on the cuffs again, trying to get out of her restraint. William looked up at her and smiled flicking his wrists into the air to show that they were uncuffed.
“H-how?” Alexi stammered pulling again.
“Magic.” William whispered with a Cheshire cat smile on his face.
“I swear, get me out of these.” she snapped at him. William let out a sigh and stood, walking over the dirty cement floor to Alexi.
“These people don’t know how to restrain anyone worth crap.” William murmured crouching down beside Alexi. He slid his hands over the cuffs and hit something on one of the cuffs making it fall away, and then he did the other. “Crappy magic trick handcuffs. Really?”
“Oh, how did you figure it out?” She asked. William shrugged.
“I just guessed and these cheapskates had bought the kind I could get out of.” Alexi ran a hand around her nearly raw wrists.
“Thanks.” Alexi nearly whispered. William nodded and went back to his spot next to Aiden. The light began to fade from the window as if something was covering it up. A long dark shadow streamed across the floor.
“Hello? Is anybody down there?” The person called, same person as always. “Ha, of course you are.” Alexi sat still biting on her lip to keep from screaming at the man.
“Strider! Quit playing and feed them, then get back to work.” A man behind Strider barked. Strider leaned over and pushed a few pieces of fruit through the metal bars. They hit the floor making a barely inaudible thud on the ground.
“Done sir!” Strider screamed peeking back into the cellar.
“Good get over here!” The man barked back at Strider. Alexi nearly cringed at the sound of his voice. Besides it was Strider’s fault she was here. There was a clanking sound and the light was gone. The damp and dusty room went back to its pitch black normality. The only sound was of water dripping out of a busted pipe or something....
Strider's footsteps could be heard from the cell- suddenly turing into a shuffle like he was avoiding something. He grunted and a sound like a punch rang down. "SI-!" The criminal's voice cut off as he was muffled. Strider groaned once and slumped to the floor unconcious. A cedar aroma wafted into the cell. "Heh." A new voice snickered and punted a collapsed Strider. No sound followed but one last groan.
With the cedar smell came an entirely different person, no one Alexi (having lived for a long while) had ever seen. Alexi cou barely make out WIlliam next to Aiden, but he seemed stiff as a board. The sound from above could mean several things.
1. a new prisoner
2. someone fought
3. someone is getting ready to die.

The inhumanly tall man smirked in the darkness. "Alright- you punks comin or what? I didn't chuck Strider into dreamland for nothing. If you're a lighter than get out." He shoved one hand in a backwards motion and emerged with a lit match. It flickered across his face to reveal dark emerald eyes and beige-gold skin. Thing is, the illumination was 7 feet off the supposed 'ground.' Trick of the Light?
The flame flickered against the man's skin. "You coming or what?" Aiden still passed out stirred and william tried to quiet him. Alexi sat against her wall motionless. his voice was thick with a russian accent. "I am Pheonix." he held out a hand as if to shake then pulled it back. "C'mon then." the tall creature waved his hand motioning them to come up the stairs and follow him. Alexi, still frozen in fear did nothing it was William who finally spoke up...
"And why should we trust you?" He retorted, standing up. Unfortunately, he was several feet shorter.
"Becasue Pheonix just saved your little bitty head from being squished." The creature leaned over and stared his down with dominant emerald eyes. "And because I might just eat you. It's disrespectful to refuse gifts in my culture." Alexi held back a snort but then saw the awkward seriousness in his face and shut up.
"Can you wake him up?" Alexi replied instead, looking at the tall man and nodding torwards the passed out Aiden.
William looked up alert and cracked his knuckles. "It's okay, ive got it." William replied, puffing out his chest. he shoved at aiden, nothing he stood and kicked aiden, nothing. William turned to look at Pheonix for help who seemed unamused in anyhting.
Pheonix rolled his eyes. "Really. You kick him? What a good example of who studies in anatomy." He retorted, and walked over. He squatted down with his arms propped on both knees. "Okay.... Unconcious, no fatal wounds... Er- here." The rogue said and poked Aiden on the underside of his jawbone and at the temples. Aiden groaned like he was forced to wake up. "Come on you senseless drunk, time to smell the copper." Pheonix slapped the boy's cheek once or twice before getting a response.
"What? Since when does...ugh the bad guy have a russian accent...? Wait- who are you?!" Aiden spazzed out against the bar.
"Aiden, it's okay, and didnt i tell you to quit reading comic books!?" alexi assured aiden.
Pheonix sighed and stood up. "Point of fact- not all the creepers in the world are Russian, boy. What are parents these days thinking about?" He nodded his head and walked torward the exit. "Right, while you three freak out I'm gonna leave before Tripp's henchmen blow you off." He snarked and looked at each of them. "Not much flesh on you anyways.... I would honestly eat you if I wasn't stuffed. Seriously." He smiled predatoriously and swerved to get to the exit.

You know 'em. Follow 'em.

)Just coz' the only one who has a descrit is Pheonix. Post the forms directly onto this thread.(

)You can edit as you see fit Bexx. No hard feelings.(

Submitted Forms







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PostSubject: Re: ~.: B r E a K f R e E :.~ A PRP for Administrators! )Open! :) Your post Bexy!(   Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:51 pm

Not thirty seconds later, the strange man was motioning them to come along. Yeah, first rule, don't talk to or follow strangers.
Somehow William didn't think it applied in the type of situation where it could mean life or death.

Aiden blinked against the dim light and leaned on his friend, trying to figure out if his little sister would be alright. Both William and him were protective of her, expecially since they'd gotten themselves into this little mess. It wasn't like it was- Okay yeah, it was his fault, but could you blame him?
Don't answer that.

Karoline Grimm leaned against the outer walls of Tripp's fortress bored out of her pretty little skull. She'd tracked Phoenix here. Yeah, she'd actually put effort into finding the lunatic, and now she was just waiting for him to come out, come out, where ever he was, so she could give him the proper greeting of two old friends... Vampires... Anyways, Karoline was bored, end of story, and she smelled blood, and she was hungry, and she was really getting tired of having to knock out a guard every time they appeared. Talk about over-sanctifying a place.

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PostSubject: Re: ~.: B r E a K f R e E :.~ A PRP for Administrators! )Open! :) Your post Bexy!(   Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:06 pm

)Aah! They are not shielded because mine is only just as suck- ish.(

Alexsei was a little bit suspicious for a minute, but hauled herself up anyway and started to follow him "Um, okay? Are you guys gonna follow a free chance to get out of here or what?" She asked, looking back at them.

Pheonix huffed at the top of the stairs. "Alright now, I'm not going to say it again. If you're coming then come on, because to be able to get out I have to get Strider back in." He said quickly, tapping his fingers on the doorjam at the entrance with his right foot on Strider's unconcious head.

)Aah! That was even more suckish. We need to pick this up before we go blind!(
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PostSubject: Re: ~.: B r E a K f R e E :.~ A PRP for Administrators! )Open! :) Your post Bexy!(   

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~.: B r E a K f R e E :.~ A PRP for Administrators! )Open! :) Your post Bexy!(
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