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Blank's Toucan
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PostSubject: Recruitment!   Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:24 pm

Hey Guys! I figured I'd post this for everybody to see.
Er- to whoever reads this- RPC is falling. Slowly, thanks to our newer members.
Shoutout to RPC's vets;
Don't you remember when we would have like- 12 members on for the whole afternoon?
We need to restore RPC's glory by TELLING people about us!
For those of you that have Facebooks, you can create an ad that will appear in those annoying side margins for a little under $1.50 a day! To rpc this would be a big, big big BIG help. Especially since oh... 5,448 people like 'Roleplaying is my life' there! I myself am giving RPC a Facebook page and posting to their wall. If anyone is interested in helping w/ that please PM me.
Even if you don't have a facebook or are a dedicated member, you can still help us!
Post on other sites, mention it to other roleplaying buddies, whatever you can!
P.S, RPC is 4 years old!
What a young age to die at....

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Ω ViolentSong Ω
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PostSubject: Re: Recruitment!   Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:29 pm

I had an ad on DA on my page but then my premium Membership expired. -.-"
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Trustworthy Member
Trustworthy Member

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PostSubject: Re: Recruitment!   Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:13 pm

I'll post an ad on my dA Journal. I don't have a premium membership and my mom spends a lot of money on other stuff already (well, it's not a lot but it seems like more than ten dollars when it's really not), but I can make a journal entry just for that. Hehehehe!
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RP Lover
RP Lover

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PostSubject: Re: Recruitment!   Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:28 pm

Ooohh, I can't do a facebook ad, but I'll tell anybody I meet about RPC!
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PostSubject: Re: Recruitment!   

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