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 Role-Playing Wolves *Realistically!*

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PostSubject: Role-Playing Wolves *Realistically!*   Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:44 pm

Congratulations! This thread has now become an Announcement, on this section of the forum, it will be seen by any member. Thank you for your hard work in making RPC and it's community better! - Rebecca

(Of course, this doesn't apply to the Magical Canine Packs section, since there, you can pretty much go beyond the borders of reality, but for the normal Wolf Packs section, knowing a few guidelines can start you off on your path to an expert role-player!)

First off, pups: I'll quote another guide from a while ago, that still works.

Wolf RP Standards wrote:

Many Packs tend to have a rule along the lines of "You must be a member for at least five days to mate, and then another week to have pups." This just tends to keep it cleaner and more realistic.

Pups generally come in litters of 2-5.

I haven't seen this around as much, and it's not a very big thing, but in my opinion it's a pretty good idea. Instant love in a role-play can, surprisingly, be really irritating.

Second, hunting. In many role-plays, I see things like "this wolf went out and killed a deer and brought it back."

Generally -- if not always -- wolves cannot bring down a deer, elk, caribou or other large animal alone. Wolves are pack hunters. A loner has very little chance of surviving for long.

In addition, wolves are only successful in kills about ten percent of the time, even in groups. I personally have seen very few hunting failures in a role-play, though I haven't really minded until now. Sure, failures can be frustrating, but isn't role-playing about writing a story as a group rather than with just one author? And behind every story is an opposition or obstacle to overcome.

If you still feel like you can't make sense of wolf role-playing? That's all right! Everything takes practice, and everyone can improve at role-playing with experience. Just keep working at it.
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PostSubject: Re: Role-Playing Wolves *Realistically!*   Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:10 pm

I also read that wolves only have a breeding season about three weeks long each year, and that they can only breed for the middle seven days of that time. That's if you wanna be really realistic - it'd be inconvenient for roleplays, since you'd have to do a huge timeskip just to get to the mating season and another long one just to have the pups.

Another thing: wolves growl and snarl when they play, even adults, but they are eerily silent when they fight for real.

This is good. :3
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Role-Playing Wolves *Realistically!*
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