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 Hi im new

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PostSubject: Hi im new   Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:27 pm

I love roll playing.I am in many places like warriorclancats and ageofdestiny.Both warrior sites but none the less.I rollplay every other weak in real life with my family.I will get on every day.I alwas do.I am i nice person but i can be mean at times.Like snaping at you when you get me mad.I like writing and am open to thoughts.I like to do art.And love the breyer horses and ice cream.And see my family every weekend.I somtimes get caught up in my art so i may take a while to respond.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi im new   Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:50 am

Hello Namie! :) I'm Blankfeather. Most people call me Blank, Blanx, Blanket, etc.

Welcome to RPC!


We all love new members, but people that don't understand txt talk and continuations get aggravated quick, so please use punctuation and correct grammar! Okay?
)Sorry- but I'm still dealing with a member that has problems with that, just had to say it.(

SO! Yus, if you need some help, you can PM myself, Rebecca, or Vix with questions or comments.

Thank You!~

Adminstrator Blankfeather
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RP Addicted
RP Addicted

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PostSubject: Re: Hi im new   Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:02 am

you and me will get along swell i can tell. Hai There
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Trustworthy Member

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PostSubject: Re: Hi im new   Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:23 am

Hi Namie! We all like roleplaying, so we all have that in common. Hehe. And I bet at least 90% of us snap at people when we get mad. Hehe. I'll see you around the site.
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Lan Fan
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Trustworthy Member

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PostSubject: Re: Hi im new   Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:50 am

Hello, Namie! *holds back urge to be a grammar freak* I've already said hi in your Warriors writing topic :3 Maybe you should join some RPs around here and see what we're like, and also give us a chance to see how you role-play. I really like wolves and cats; I don't like human role-plays as much unless they have a really good plot and/or some twist that makes the characters not quite human... I've also been thinking of starting a new Dragon RP, though I'm already running a wolf one.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi im new   Sat Feb 12, 2011 1:01 pm


Rainbow welcome's are the best, I assure you. xD

Anyways, I'm Rebecca, otherwise known as Becca or Bex to others on this site, I'm generally psycho and a writer in all my extra time. I don't want to repeat what everyone else has said, but Blank was right, myself, Vix, and Blank are here if you ever need to PM anyone about rules being broken on the site, and for anything else for that matter!

Also, like previous posters have mentioned, it might do you well to check out the grammar thread/RP thread, and others down in my signature. Also, you can join lots of the active role-plays on here and get a feel for how we do things at good ol' RPC. I hope you have an awesome time, and as the mafia would say:

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PostSubject: Re: Hi im new   

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Hi im new
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