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 BioShock: Rise of the Fallen

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PostSubject: BioShock: Rise of the Fallen   Sat May 15, 2010 6:07 pm

We all know how Andrew Ryan went down under Jack's grasp, and we all know how Sophia Lamb went back up to the surface with Elanor, but we never thought about Tenenbaum. She always said that she felt bad about what she did to the Little Sisters, but we never expected her to crack. The Little Sisters that didn't forget what she had done wanted revenge, and they injected her with Adam; the one thing tha turned her into a Big Sister. She doesn't protect the Little Sisters like normal Big Sisters either. No, she wants to gather the Adam back from the Little Sisters, causing major havoc in Rapture.
You were on a plane over to England with a bunch of other people to go live your lives in London. Suddenly, a strange object is thrown at your plane, causing it to fall into the ocean. While many died instantly, there are still a few that have survived and are swimming in the water. In the distance, you spot a tower with the word "Rapture" emblazoned across it. Indicating for others to follow, you swim up to it's steps. Dripping with salt water, you push aside the rusty doors... and walk into the world hidden by the ocean.
Welcome to Rapture

Starting Gene (starters are Incinerate, Electric Bolt, and Winter Blast)

1. When splicing(adding in other genes to your own, called plasmids), you cannot gain all of them at once. Remember, buying plasmids costs ADAM, and you do not have the options of all the kinds of plasmids. Same goes for tonics.
2. No godmodding! We can't all be Fontaine and rule Rapture!
3. No one sentence posts. Give some detail!
4. Keep it PG13 when it comes to things like romance and gore.
5. You can harvest Little Sisters for Adam or Rescue them, but you can't keep finding them. They're rare and only can be found with Big Daddies.
6. You can level up your Tonics/ Plasmids, but again, don't do it every other post. It makes it unfair
7. This was a first person shooter game, so there should be some action here! I'll post a list of enemies here, along with the list of tonics/plasmids

Plasmids: Basically the magic spells of Rapture. Uses up Eve. You can now level them up to level 3 for new and enhanced effects.

Electro Bolt
Level 1 – Fire lightning from your hand. Shoot water to cause it to become electrified, killing enemies standing in it.
Level 2 – Charge up a lightning attack and release it. Lightning will arc to multiple enemies.
Level 3 – Charge up to fire an extended beam of lightning. Also, every non-charged shot will cause lightning to arc between enemies.

Level 1 – Pick up objects and dead enemies and use them as projectiles.
Level 2 – Pick up heavier objects and do more damage with thrown projectiles.
Level 3 – Pick up all moveable objects as well as living creatures (!) like splicers.

Security Command
Level 1 – Throw a ball of energy which will cause security cameras, turrets and bots to attack anything targeted.
Level 2 – Charge up to summon up to two friendly security bots.
Level 3 – Charge up to summon boosted security bots.

Level 1 – Throw a ball of fire, igniting a single targeted enemy. Set oil slicks ablaze, dealing fire damage to anyone standing nearby.
Level 2 – Charge up a fire attack and release it. A fire bomb will be unleashed, igniting multiple enemies at once.
Level 3 – Charge up for a flamethrower attack. Also, every non-charged shot will be an area-effecting fire bomb.

Level 1 – Become an invisible scout who can move throughout the world without threat of attack. You can fire plasmids, but you’ll have to return to your physical body (which remains in place) to progress.
Level 2 – While scouting, you’re also able to hack security and vending machines.

Winter Blast
Level 1 – Throw a ball of ice, freezing foes for a brief period.
Level 2 – Charge up and attack to freeze a foe in a solid block of ice. They remain frozen for longer and can be used as a telekenisis projectile.
Level 3 – Charge up for a beam of ice attack. Also, single shots cause enemies to become a solid block of ice.

Level 1 – Throw a ball at a splicer to enrage it, causing it to attack anything nearby (including you).
Level 2 – Charge up and hit a targeted splicer to make it an ally for a few minutes. The splicer will follow you around and fight for you.
Level 3 – Charge up and hit a Big Daddy to make him friendly for a few minutes.

Cyclone Trap
Level 1 – Set a proximity trap on the ground. Enemies that walk over it will be thrown high in the air and land hard, causing damage.
Level 2 – Traps can now be charged with attack plasmids like fire, ice and electricity, dealing specific kinds of damage.
Level 3 – Traps can be placed on walls and ceilings.

Insect Swarm
Level 1 – Send a swarm of bugs and home in on an enemy, causing damage.
Level 2 – A single swarm can now attack multiple enemies.
Level 3 – Enemies killed by swarms will become proximity swarm bombs. Enemies that walk over the hive corpse will be attacked by the swarm.

Level 1 – Create a decoy of yourself, distracting enemies.
Level 2 – Decoy will reflect damage back at enemies.
Level 3 – Decoy will reflect damage and heal the player as it takes damage from enemies.

Secret Plasmid
Sorry, there’s one plasmid I’m not allowed to talk about until after the game releases. But trust me, it’s worth the wait. (Mr Toffee: My personal favorite; can’t say anything about it due to spoilerzzz)

Tonics: Equip them onto your Big Daddy for a variety of effects. Can equip up to 12 tonics by the end of the game.

Security Tonics
Hardy Machines – Friendly turrets and bots have more health.
Handyman – Repair damaged bots and turrets with a small eve cost. Also gives random names to friendly bots and turrets.
Deadly Machines – Friendly turrets and bots deal more damage.
Machine Buster – Increased damage against turrets and bots.
Short Circuit – Security is disabled for longer when hit with electricity.
Short Circuit 2 – Security is disabled permanently when hit with electricity.
Shorten Alarms – Shorter alarms (natch).
Shorten Alarms 2 – Even shorter alarms.
Security Evasion – Cameras and turrets take longer to see you.

Vending & Hacking Tonics
Vending Expert – Reduced prices in vending machines.
Vending Expert 2 – Further reduced prices in vending machines.
EZ Hack – Hacking success zones become a little larger.
Careful Hacker – Hacking needle moves slower.
Careful Hacker 2 – Hacking needle moves even slower.
Quik Hack – Hacking has fewer stages.
Thrifty Hacker – Hacked vending machines have even lower prices.
Hacker’s Delight – Earn some health and eve when you hack something.
Hacker’s Delight 2 – Earn more health and eve when you hack something.
Hurried Hacker – Landing in the blue bonus zone ends a hack instantly.

Vitality Tonics
Fountain of Youth – Gain health and eve when standing in puddles of water.
Sports Boost – Move slightly faster.
Booze Hound – Drinking alcohol increases eve instead of decreasing it.
Eve Saver – Plamids use less eve.
Eve Saver 2 – Plasmids use even less eve.
Eve Link – Using a first aid pack also gives you some eve.
Extra Nutrition – Get more health from bandages and snacks.
Medical Expert – Carry 1 more first aid kit.
Cure All – Health stations also refill eve when used.
Eve Expert – Carry one more eve hypo.

Defense Tonics
Armored Shell – Reduces physical damage taken.
Armored Shell 2 – Further reduces physical damage taken.
Natural Camouflage – Become invisible when standing still for a few seconds.

Research Tonics
Keen Observer – Bigger research bonus when using the camera.
Keen Observer 2 – Even bigger research bonus when using the camera.
Damage Research – Increased damage for research bonuses.
Extended Reel – Research sessions with the camera last for longer.

Elemental Tonics
Elemental Storm – Emit a random burst of fire, ice or electricity when hit with a melee attack.
Fire Storm – Emit a burst of fire when hit with melee attack.
Electrical Storm – Emit a burst of electricity when hit by melee.
Elemental Vampire – Level 3 plasmid streams (like flamethrower or electric beam) siphons enemy health to you.
Electric Flesh – Take no electricity damage and deal more electricity damage to enemies.
Walking Inferno – Take less damage from fire, inflict more fire damage on enemies.
Ice Storm – Emit burst of ice when hit with melee attack.

Little Sister Tonics
Proud Parent– Little Sisters gather more Adam per corpse.
Demanding Father – Little Sisters gather Adam from corpses faster. (Mr Toffee: very useful, especially on the higher difficulty levels)

Melee Tonics
Drill Vampire – Gain health and eve when attacking with the drill.
Drill Power – Drill does more damage.
Drill Power 2 – Drill does even more damage.
Freezing Drill – Freeze enemies for longer, drill is able to freeze enemies.
Drill Specialist – Significantly decreases eve cost of plasmids, but you’re limited to only using the drill, camera and hack tool as weapons.
Drill Lurker – Quiets footsteps and increases damage on unaware enemies, especially when using the drill.

Projectile Tonics
Headhunter – Headshots do more damage to enemies.

Loot Tonics
Scrounger – When searching for loot, you can search again to find more in the same container.
Arms Race – More ammo found on bodies and containers.

Big Daddy

Big Daddies, or "Mr. Bubbles," and "Mr. B," as the Little Sisters call them, are lumbering bio-mechanical monstrosities, created to protect the Little Sisters. They are heavily armored and wield high-powered weaponry. There are two types of Big Daddies, the Rosie and the Bouncer. Within each type there are Regular and Elite. Elite types have much greater health and damage capabilities, and can be found in deeper areas of Rapture. Rosies wear suits that closely resemble early deep diving suits, with a large oxygen tank. They carry proximity mines and a large rivet gun. Bouncers have a more ominous look, more closely resembling today's personal submersible suits. Their primary weapon consists of a large drill on their right hand. The Big Daddy pictured right is an Elite Bouncer type. Most of the inhabitants stay out of the way of the gatherers and their protectors. They will not attack unless they think their Little Sister is in danger. Someone can defeat them if the correct plasmids and weapons are used, and must do so in order to get ADAM from the Little Sister.
Little Sister

The Little Sisters, genetically modified prepubescent girls, are ADAM gatherers who were created by a scientist named Brigid Tenenbaum as a solution to the ADAM shortage. They extract the inert ADAM from the dead (which they call "angels") using retractable needles and then consume it, their bodies reprocessing it into a usable form. The BioShock team designed these characters in order to draw out an emotional response from players, who face an ethical choice between saving or murdering little girls in order to obtain much-needed ADAM. Nevertheless, doing so is severely difficult, due to their symbiotic relationship with the Big Daddies. Once the Big Daddy protecting the Little Sister is defeated, the player is presented with the option to either save or harvest the Little Sister. Saving them, while giving the player less ADAM, cures them of their genetic programming and promises future rewards. Harvesting, on the other hand, gives double the ADAM, but kills the Little Sister in the process.

Rapture Security

Security in Rapture revolves around a three-pronged approach with cameras as constant surveillance, automated static defenses as sentries, and automated mobile defenses as enforcers to travel to the location of disturbances. Major enemies have shown some degree of control over the security system, as a few Splicers have been able to turn these defenses to their advantage by hacking. It is also possible to turn them to one's advantage by using Security Bullseye. The player will also be able to turn all three branches of the system to their side if they choose. Generally, the security becomes more well-established with each major deck of Rapture, and operate more effectively.

Deformed, genetically modified Rapture citizens who are now remnants of the Rapture Civil War, the Splicers (also known as Aggressors) cannot survive without ADAM due to their extensive over-splicing of biological modifications. Early Splicers seem to be referred to according to their weapon preference, such as "Leadhead" for those who prefer guns. They wear little or no armor, and normally roam the levels of Rapture, searching for other inhabitants to kill and steal ADAM from. As their name would suggest, they are aggressive and quick to attack, and will use their enhanced physical strength, group tactics and, sometimes, semi-biological weapons to kill all in their path. Most of the Splicers are wearing the masquerade ball masks that were worn during the 1959 New Year's Eve Riots. (Atlas muses, "I wonder why they wear the masks? Maybe it's because they remember what they used to look like, and they're ashamed.") There are six different types of Splicers experienced thus far in Rapture.

(Pictures courtesy of http://bioshock.wikia.com/wiki/BioShock_Enemies )




Machine Gun

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PostSubject: Re: BioShock: Rise of the Fallen   Sat May 15, 2010 6:14 pm


Name: Amelia Rhineheart

Gender: Female
Bio: Amelia was an aspiring author in Portland, Oregon, and hoped to go to the college of BirkBeck in London to major in Creative writing when the plane crash afflicted her life. She had always been a leader in life, and hopes to help the rest of the survivors.
Looks: Short, curly brown hair that cuts off at her jaw. She sports large black glasses that cover her brown eyes that usually have black eyeliner surrounding them. When the crash happened, she wore a large, green sweatshirt and jeans with her beige Ugg boots.
Personality: Head strong and creative, she can seem very mean and bossy at first, but after awhile she can soften up. Likes to know what's going on and usually has a plan for everything. While she usually is a leader in things and seems smart, she does have a shy side that will like to sit back and investigate.
Starting Gene (starters are Incinerate, Electric Bolt, and Winter Blast): Winter Blast
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PostSubject: Re: BioShock: Rise of the Fallen   Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:40 pm

Name: Leon Densi
Gender: Male
Bio: Leon was an artist, traveling around to see the world. He hoped to see the sights of London and Paris, to draw and paint their streets, or to carve one of their buildings out of wood. The crash ruined most of his things, and he couldn't save anything except for a small carving knife.
Looks: Short, unkept black hair, he's small and lightly built. His eyes are a washed out blue, and his skin is pale. He wears a black t-shirt and blue jeans, blue tennis shoes and a spiked bracelet on his right arm.
Personality: Timid, quiet and more flight then fight, Leon is seen to many as a coward
Starting Gene: Incinerate
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PostSubject: Re: BioShock: Rise of the Fallen   

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BioShock: Rise of the Fallen
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