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 The Tree of Secrets: Part 1 [Confusion] PRP for Branch,Vixen, and me!

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PostSubject: The Tree of Secrets: Part 1 [Confusion] PRP for Branch,Vixen, and me!   Sat Dec 12, 2009 5:10 pm

There was 3 best friends, _______ _____, Alexis Simmons, and ______ ____. The twelve year-olds were so close, like sisters. Then something happened. During the end of school, one by one moved away. Strangely, at night Alexis was playing trith or dare with her new friends. Emma dared her to go into a dark forest, it was told that some went in, and NEVER came out. While she went in she saw ____ ____ and ____ ___ by a tree. "Ah, I'm just halucinating!" I told myself, but I was wrong, I could touch them. We all were freak'in out, in an excoited way. We all told about our new school, leaning against the tree. The next morning I thought it was a dream, I was wrong. When I woke up, I was.... in ______ house? But I wasn't myself, I was a shape-shifter.

Do I really have to put these up???

Name (First and last please):
One line description:

Plot :

Okay, I admit, I already have an idea for part two..... and part 3..... :P

Members (Well, people):

Branchie's charries -

Vixen's characters -

My characters -

Alexis Page Simmons - SHe has chocolate brown hair with amber eyes, tanned skin, and is always wearing the top of the fashion.


December 12th, 2009 - YAY!!! This rp is ready.... to be rped. XD
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The Tree of Secrets: Part 1 [Confusion] PRP for Branch,Vixen, and me!
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