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 -•RainClan•- Part1~-A struggle of Survival..- [Please Join ;]-]

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PostSubject: -•RainClan•- Part1~-A struggle of Survival..- [Please Join ;]-]   Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:38 am

Enter this world....
If you had a choice; what would you choose-- Death or Survival? If you chose that choice, would you be fearless and be willing to do it? But in RainClan, their choice is Survival. They fight for each other, they fight to live. But the thing is-- Will you join RainClan and help they survive in these unknown lands that they are forming in? Are you willing to join them and become a RainClan warrior? Well, here's your chance. Will you steal the chance to help the clan and fight for the clan-- or will you be too late and die hard? Make your choice-- Join rainclan, or die hard.

-: RULES:- (Yea, I know some of us hate them, but we have to do this anyway.)
1. You know 'em.
2. PLEASE in you form for personallit && description please put three good descripted sentences. They can be short or long. I don't care.
3. If you want to, you CAN include a pic of your cat with the descrition. (But you still have to put three sentences along with the picture.)
4. Put this in the Other spot in your form: "We livee to protect each other in RainClan; And we will live on." [yes I know its lame, but deal with it.]
5. Please, if you choose Deputy for the spot in Rank in your form, you have to be a warrior first. I'll tell you when someone becomes deputy.
6. I will be updating the front page, so check back every now and then.
7. PART 1 ends on post 4000. I will make post 4000. So, if we are on post 3,999, wait for me to post and make part two.
8. Include everyone in the RPing. Don't spam, and help someone out if they are confused.


My forms-:
Name- Rainstar
rank- Leader
Description- A pale cream pelt with cyan blue eyes. A very slim she-cat with long claws and sharp eyesight. She is strong and willing, and she has this odd'glow' in the moonlight.
Personality- kind and caring but stubborn and she can get snappy, but rarely. She is very thoughtful and clever and is very proud of RainClan, but she also has a mysterious side. Very feirce and aggressive in battle and quick-witted.
Other-"We live to Frotect each other in RainClan and we will live on.""

Name- SilverMist
rank- Warrior.
Description- A silvery moonlight-colored grey pelt along with dark grey stripes on her tail, her paws are the same dark grey color as the stripes on her tail. She has green, emerald green eyes that seem to be an unnatural shade of green. Silver(AKA SilverMist) is quick-witted and fast in battle, and is very clever all the time. She doesn't kill unless she has to, but she can be gentle. Strong and loyal but sometimes she is stubborn and unwilling to do anything.. She also has the smell of freshly rained on grass scent on her all the time.
Personality- A stubborn but friendly she-cat. SilverMist rarely gets harsh or snappy, but she can be silent and a thoughtful one. She can get irratated, but she is otherwise calm and caring and urgent during times of need.
Other- "We live to protect each other in RainClan and we will live on."

RainClan's Ranks!

LEADER- RainStar (Me)
Deputy- [claim it now!]
Medicine Cat- [Claim it now!]
SilverMist (Me)

Rogues/ Loners- None.


12-12-09 8:32AM:: RainClan is OPEN!
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-•RainClan•- Part1~-A struggle of Survival..- [Please Join ;]-]
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