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 Rpc's FAQ!

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PostSubject: Rpc's FAQ!   Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:35 pm


{Q- Why wont anyone join my roleplay?!
{A- It takes time for a rp to become popular! It also takes a LOT of work. Maybe you should *nicely* ask somone with an already active rp for some tips? =D

{Q- Does my rp have to be approved before I post on it? What does it mean, anyway?
{A- Nope!You can create your rp and start posting right away.
The little blue label at the top of a rp simply means that the rp meets all of the criteria for a good rp. e.x.- No spam, stolen images, ect.
If your rp does not have one these blue tags,don't fret!=P The staff have a lot of other things to do, so we probably just haven't gotten to it yet. Or maybe you should double-check to see if your rp meets the standards?


{Q- What font colors can't we use?
{A- Blue and Red.They are reserved for staff only :'P Bright, blinding colors are not appreciated either.

{Q- What's the limit on how many roleplays we can create?
{A-Infinity and beyond! There is no limit. ^3^ However, that does'nt mean that you should make 15 rp's in 4 days! ;D

{Q- What does 'Trustworthy Member' mean anyways? Howcome I'm only a 'Rp fanatic' ?
{A- Ahh...the ranks.
Honestly, they don't mean much. Well, they do, but it doesn't make one member superior to the next. But the higher number of posts you have, the spiffyer the rank/more stars. But don't go spammin' just to get your post count higher. That can lead to being frozen! D=

Get it? Get it? xD

{Q- My thread has been inactive/dead/at the bottom of the forum for a week now. Does that mean it will get deleted? 0.0
{A- Oh, no! We don't delete entire threads anymore, because it sucks posts away from Rpc's overall post count! x]

{Q- What is God-modeling/modding everyone keeps talking about? Spam? Flaming?
{A- God-modding/modeling is when you make your rping character invinsible or with amazing, unatural talents. Like, your wolf would be god modding if he caught 3 deer in 10 minutes! I mean, what?!
Spam is when you go on a forum not made for random talking,like a rp or shop, and just post somthing so irrelevent it's annoying. Or if you're not even a member of the rp and you post somthing thats not a form. XC

Flamming is just like insulting someone or putting someone down over the internet. Self-explanitory.

{Q-What are the rules on using images?
{A- Lets see...
-You cannot use copywrote images without permission or claim them as your own when they are'nt. This is theft (not to mention RUDE!) & you can be frozen for it!

- You cannot use images with profanity, swear words, gore, ect.
Same as above. ^3^

{Q- What are the different Rp types you can make?
{A- A Regular RP has it's basic rules, and isn't very limited.
A Private Rp is limited to only certain members, where it should say who can join at the top or title.
A Semi-elite rp is a little more demanding. They have basic rules as well as a post expectancy. The creator may expect your posts to be longer, w/ no grammar mistakes, ect.
An Elite Rp is the most sophisticated it can get. Your posts here must be (generally) an entire paragraph or longer or will not be tolerated. Somtimes you can't even talk out-of-character. i.e.- "( )"


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Rpc's FAQ!
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