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 ~Red Moon~Part 1, The Gathering

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PostSubject: ~Red Moon~Part 1, The Gathering   Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:55 pm

You stand on a rocky cliff, jutting above the sea. Images of the old kingdom flash through it. You sigh and turn around. Suddenly, you find the tip of a razor-sharp sword pointing at you, a pretty, but fierce elf, asks you if you're from the old kingdom, Red Moon. You nod, numbly as she asks if you want to join the clan that is gathering itself to rebel against the Night-Walkers that have taken over. Shall you join, to rebel, or will you join the Night-Stalkers union? Your choice, but choose wisely, as once you have begun, you cannot go back...

ONE POWER! Do I have to stress this enough?
No God-Modeling, whatsoever
Be polite
Limit the violence
Limit the romance PLEASE
And...have FUN! :3
To make sure you've read these,please post SilverBells with your forms.

Elf or Night-Stalker:
Rank: (Warrior, Med. Elf, Deputy, young elf etc.)
Power: (ONE ONLY)

Form of Dragons: *Don't need a dragon, but if you want...*


Night-Stalker: Beautiful, yet menancing, these creatures are exactly like elves, just the eviler side of them

Elf: Slim, tall, super-natural skills with various powers, they excel in pretty much anything

Dragons: You know what they look like and stuff

Note: An elf CAN fall in love with a Night-Stalker and such

My form:

Name: Soralei (Sor-RA-lay)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Description: Tall, slim, with tanned skin, waist-length black hair with red streaks, vibrant amber eyes
Personality: Cold, with a slight aversion to other elves, Soralei, is a strong leader, her only weakness is her past, which no one knows about
Elf or Night-Stalker: Elf
Rank: Leader
Power: Anything to do with the mind
Past: Unknown
Other: None

Name: Allain
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Description: Tall and muscular, with spiky brown hair with blue streaks and warm brown eyes
Calm and reserved, he is never one to fight a lot, not one to fall
quickly in love, as his heart was broken a long time ago
Elf or Night-Stalker: Elf
Rank: Warrior
Power: Flight, he can grow wings at will
Past: Unknown
Other: Brother of Soralei and can communicate with her through a locket he wears

Name: Aron
Gender: Male
Description: Silver with cold blue eyes
Personality: Loves beef jerky and is cheerful most of the time



Leader: Soralei *Female(Winged-Wolf)


Warriors: Allain *Male (Winged-Wolf)

Med. Elf:

Young Elf:



Deputy: None

Warriors: None

Med. Stalker: None

Young Stalker: None

Aron *Male (Winged Wolf)
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~Red Moon~Part 1, The Gathering
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