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 Ley lines a story about a lonely girl who makes friends due too a magical accident

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PostSubject: Ley lines a story about a lonely girl who makes friends due too a magical accident   Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:27 am

Shadow, and Dolphin:Shadowsown88, and Dolphinlover12

link to otherworld

Hi,I'm Mea.Not the most unused,or exotic begining, but hey it's a classic.
Anyway,The problem is my parents homeschooled me until highschool, so i don't know anyone really well, i didn't expect more than a bleak experience out highschool.Until it happened.Before then three people stood out to me in my life, There was Dolphin and shadow, the two popular girls in the school, nobody knew their real names so they just called them by their nicknames. And there was Katelyne, she was a loner, like me even though she had gone to school all her life, her friends had moved away.She lived across the street and shadow lived two houses to the left, dolphin lived next-door to her.We might of been friends..but i'm too shy.
But this story starts on a thursday, about a month after my first day of school, where life had developed into a boring routine...

Chapter one,Loony lovegood
It all started at lunchtime, i avoided tables, because they were alway full of people i didn't know, and didn't want me.So i sat in a corner over at the end of the lunchroom.That day Luna walked over to me and sat down at my er..corner.I had heard of her, she was fan of luna lovegood, which didn't bother me, i mean if you had the same first name why not..It was the fact that most people considered her loopy that bothered me.
"Hi!'She said"My names luna! What's yours?"
"Mea"I said, moodily
"Nice name"She said, seeming not to notice the fact that i didn't seem very happy about her.
"Thanks"I said
"Do you have any siblings?"she asked"I don't i'm an only child"
"Five"I replied
"Cool!"She said"Did you know that tree frogs have tongues that are 9 inches long?"
"......."I stared at her wondering why anyone would say that.
"Oh! thats the bell!Seeya!"She said and set her tray on the counter
I did the same and headed off to class.
Later in the day, I walked home from the bus-stop.and went up too my room, I was the only one who had her own room around here.After i finished my homework and dinner,I smiled, now I could write another chapter in my story!I was obesessed with my story.Thinking about Dai`ain and Meggie...Cheered me up, and helped me survive each day.I wrote the new chapter on my computer, and then went to sleep.The next morning i woke up to a pair of amber eyes.I prepared too scream, but a voice i had never heard but knew so well said "Shhh!"

Chapter two:A stranger in my room
"Bu..Wha..Ju?"I said looking at the tall figure wearing her customary arrangement of weapons, and her hands in her blue jean pockets.
"Finally awake, eh?"She said, with a laughing smile on her face.
"How...."I said"Scacath?!".
"Really, speak in sentences!"She said smiling still.She looked exactly as I imagined her from her spiky Brown/red hair to her black t-shirt
"You don't exist!" I said
"Don't speak so loudly!"She said"People might wonder, and i'm here! what more can you ask for, reality-wise?"
"I must be dreaming"I said sitting up and shaking my head"I must"
"Nope"She said
"This is crazy!"
"I said, Shh!"She scolded
"Alright"I said grumpily
She sat down in a chair"I've been waiting for hours!"
I remembered the time zone change i put in her world."So.."I asked"Why are you here?"
"I dunno"She said"I'm just here!"
My sister, ruby walked in "Breakfast!, and why are you talking to yourself?"
"But i'm noooo...."I said, stopping at scacaths warning glance
Ruby looked at me oddly but she left yelling behind her"Pancakes today!!"
"Yay!"I said, then asked"Why can't she see you?"
"I don't exist to anyone but you"She said
"Ah."I said, then looked at the clock: I had ten minutes until school started"Umm..I got to go!"
"Okay"She said
I got dressed quickly, ran downstairs gobbled a few pancakes,grabbed my prepacked backpack and left, without another thought about the stranger in my room

Chapter three: it's amazing
I'ts amazing what something like that can do for your attitude,Luna sat with me today and i didn't mind.In fact i was sort of happy about it, Anyway,I got home, and realized that it was chore day, groaning.
"Mea! your home!"said my mom"Your in charge of the dishes!".
"Why the dishes!"I asked annoyed,The dishes is code for the entire kitchen.
"Because i'm the mom, and i said so"
"No but's!"
I sighed"Alright..."
"Change out of your school clothes too kiddo!"
"I'm going!"I said ,then walked up the stairs.Scacath was fiddling with a snowglobe of mine, she looked up"Hi again!"
"Hello Scacath"
"So..What are you doing today"
"It's chore day"I groaned
"Oh.."She seemed dissapointed
I smiled"I have to do the dishes..Wanna help?"
She shrugged"Ok"
Later in the day...
"Finally!"I said when i was finished with the kitchen, with Scacaths help"I'm done mom!Can i go out?"
"Alright, but don't go too far"She said
"I won't"
Scacath grinned.

Chapter four, What is she looking at?
Scacath, and I walked outside.Ii was wearing a jacket, but she didn't seem chilly.
"Do you ever get cold?" I asked
"Well, actually only once, when i went to one of coldest places in otherworld"
"Ah."I said, then noticed Katelyne across the street, she was staring at something, at first i thought it was me but she was looking to high.
"What is she looking at?" I wondered, then i figured it out she was looking directly at Scacath!I was a little afraid, wondering what she was thinking...
"Why don't we move on"I said
"Ok"She said,and looked back at Katelyne"Who's she?"
"Just my neighbor"I replied, then started walking, Scacath followed, and we reached the meadow/forest.
"Nice place"She said"Last time we came here, there wasn't as much trees and stuff"
"Yes, I love exploring here"I said"But lately..."
"Animals, they've started to go missing, and no one is allowed in the forest anymore"
"Hmm..What happened to them?"
"They've been found dead, without any blood in them, it was in the news"
"Odd"She replied
"Anyway we're allowed here",Scacath smiled joyfully, she had horrible claustrophabia, and this place made it all go away.

This story's characters come from WI
Mea is my real life nickname, but it's not my real name
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Ley lines a story about a lonely girl who makes friends due too a magical accident
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